General knowledge quiz questions and answers




General knowledge quiz questions and answers


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General knowledge


General knowledge quiz questions and answers


Question Answer
A 1990 ad for jeans helped put which early 70s Steve Miller Band song to the top of the charts? The Joker
A car with the international registration letter E comes from where? Spain
A caravan is a group of which animals? Camels
A centaur was a mythical creature half way between a man and what? Horse
A cob is a male of which creature? Swan
A cony is what sort of animal? Rabbit
A David Lean film was about a passage to which country? India
A lady would wear a mantilla in which country? Spain
A plant produced by crossing different species is known as what? A hybrid
A poult is the young of which creature? Turkey
A temple to whom was sited at Ephesus? Diana
About how far does the Sun's gravitational influence extend? 1.5 light years
About which soap did Jasper Carrott say that when the cast went on  strike they were threatened with rehearsal? Crossroads
About whom did Otto Preminger say, 'Directing her was like directing Lassie. You need 14 takes to get one of them right'? Marilyn Monroe
According to a Nick Berry song title every loser does what? Wins
According to Lord Birkenhead, who devoted the best years of his life to preparing impromptu speeches? Winston Churchill
According to Napoleon, what does an army march on? Its stomach
According to Paul Simon, how many ways are there to leave your lover? Fifty
According to proverb, a little what is a dangerous thing? Knowledge
According to proverb, how do still waters run? Deep
According to proverb, one man's meat is another man's what? Poison
According to proverb, what does the hand that rocks the cradle do? Rule the world
According to proverb, what is a change as good as? A rest
According to the ad, what couldn't Ian Botham eat three of? Shredded Wheat
According to the Germans, who were the 'Ladies from Hell'? Scottish  Highland soldiers in kilts
According to the proverb what do drowning men clutch? Straws
According to the proverb what is the mother of invention? Necessity
According to the proverb what makes Jack a dull boy? All work and no play
According to the proverb which fruit tastes sweetest? Forbidden fruit
According to the proverb, what begins at home? Charity
According to the proverb, what does the devil make work for? Idle hands
According to the proverb, what is better than no bread? Half a loaf
According to the proverb, what is the better part of valour? Discretion
According to the proverb, what shouldn't call the kettle black? The pot
According to the song, to where in Ireland is it a long way? Tipperary
Achnashellach is usually credited with what unfortunate title? The wettest place in Great Britain
AdŽlie Land is a French territory on the coast of which continent? Antarctica
After 1928, women over what age were given the vote? 21
After a crash at Le Mans who stopped motor racing for over 30 years? Mercedes Benz
After Earth, which planet was orbited first by a man-made object? Mars
After Ettore Bugatti's death in 1947, which company took over Bugatti? Hispano Suiza
After seven which is the next highest prime number? Eleven
After what is London's Fleet Street named? The river Fleet
After which George was the American state of Georgia named? King George II
After which mythological Greek character was the drug morphine named? Morpheus
Ag is the symbol of which chemical element ? Silver
Alfred Hitchcock's daughter appeared in 'Psycho'. What is her name? Patricia
Alphabetically, which is the second sign of the zodiac? Aries
Although first to finish, why was Fred Lorz disqualified in the 1904 Olympic marathon? He travelled part of the way by car
Aluminium is extracted from which ore? Bauxite
Amritsar is a holy city for the followers of which religion? Sikh
An ampersand is a sign for which word? And
'An Unearthly Child' was the first episode of which long-running TV series? Dr Who
Anzac troops come from which two countries? Australia and New Zealand
Apart from 'The Flowerpot Men' in which show do Bill and Ben appear? 2 Point 4 Children
Approximately when did the Big Bang take place? 15 billion years ago
Are sea-urchins animal, vegetable or mineral? Animal
Around which French town is the champagne industry centred? Epernay
As what did Beau Brummel achieve fame? Fashion leader
As what did Bela Bartok achieve fame? Composer
As what did Grimaldi achieve fame? Clown
As what did Henri Fabre achieve fame? Naturalist
As what kind of entertainer did Grock achieve fame? Clown 
Astrakhan comes from which creature? Sheep
At night what colour light is shown on the starboard side of a ship? Green
At what age does a filly become classified as mare? Five
At what degree Celsius does water freeze? Zero
At what did Antonio Stradivari achieve fame? Violin maker
At what height does a pony become a horse? 14.2 hands and over
At what speed in mph does a wind become a hurricane? 73 mph
At which battle was Richard III killed? Battle of Bosworth
At which course are the Coventry Stakes run? Ascot
At which game has Omar Sharif represented his country? Bridge
At which place does the ship bringing Dracula to England land? Whitby
Au is the symbol of which chemical element? Gold
Australia's Barossa Valley is noted for which industry? Wine production
Avian relates to which kind of creatures? Birds
Back, blanket and buttonhole are all types of what? Stitches
Beaumaris, Conway and Harlech are famous for what type of building? Castles
Before he became a disciple of Jesus, what was Matthew's job? Tax collector
Before he became party leader what was Neil Kinnock's shadow post? Education
Bell metal is an alloy of which two metals? Copper and tin
Beriberi results from a lack of which vitamin? Vitamin B1
Besides Hadrian, which Roman emperor had a wall built across Britain? Antoninus
Between which towns was the railway for Stephenson's first locomotive? Stockton and Darlington
Between which two African countries are the Victoria Falls? Zimbabwe and Zambia
Betz cells are found in which part of the body? The brain
Beverley Isherwood and Kathy Hynter were both on which programme? Countdown
Bill Gates founded which computer corporation? Microsoft
Billy Connolly was a member of which group? The Humblebums
Black, Italian and Lombardy are all types of which tree? Poplar
Black, Whooper, and Bewick are all types of which bird? Swan
Boob Day is the Spanish equivalent of what in Britain? April Fool's Day
Born Arthur Jefferson in 1890, what was this comic better known as? Stan Laurel
Boswell wrote the biography of which famous writer? Dr Samuel Johnson
Bouillabaisse is what kind of fish dish? Soup
Bovine relates to which kind of animals? Oxen
Brassica oleracea is better known as what? Cabbage
Brazilian Oscar Niemeyer followed which profession? Architect
Brian Jones was in which pop group? The Rolling Stones
Bright's disease affects which organs of the body? Kidneys
Brussels, Honiton and Nottingham are all renowned for which product? Lace
Buff Orpingtons and Plymouth Rocks are types of what? Chickens
By what English name is the mountain Yr Wyddfa known? Snowdon
By what name do we often call nitrous oxide? Laughing gas
By what name is Betty Jean Persice better known? Lauren Bacall
By what name is Formosa now known? Taiwan
By what name is Jim Moir better known? Vic Reeves
By what name is mid-Lent Sunday popularly known? Mothering Sunday
By what name is musician Raymond O'Sullivan better known? Gilbert O'Sullivan
By what name is Portuguese West Africa now known? Angola
By what name is singer/actor Terrence Nelhams better known? Adam Faith
By what name is St Johnstown in Scotland now known? Perth
By what name is the marsupial Sarcophilus harrisi better known? Tasmanian devil
By what name is the mavis better known? Songthrush
By what name is the Russian, Nicolai Poliakoff, better known? Coco the Clown
By what name was Asa Yoelson better known? Al Jolson
By what name was Margaret Hookham known on the stage? Margot Fonteyn
By what name was the outlaw Harry Longbaugh better known? The Sundance Kid
By what name was travelling show tap dancer Luther Robinson known? Bojangles
By what nickname was the criminal Albert De Salvo better known? The Boston Strangler
By what nickname was the silent actor GM Anderson known? Bronco Billy
By what other name do we know the Somers Islands? Bermuda
By what other name is the angel shark known? The monkfish
By what other name is the constellation Pyxis known? Mariner's Compass
C is the symbol of which chemical element ? Carbon
C.Day Lewis and John Betjeman have both held which title? Poet Laureate
Cab is a shortening of which word? Cabriolet
Californian and Stellar's are types of what? Sea-lions
Called a trailer in America, what's the name of this vehicle in the UK? Caravan
Called a tuxedo in America, what's this garment called in the UK? Dinner jacket
Called a vest in America, what's the name of this garment in the UK? Waistcoat
Called chequers in America, what's the name of this game in Britain? Draughts
Called cotton candy in America, what's this sweet named in the UK? Candy floss
Called hood in America, what's this part of the car called in the UK? Bonnet
Called thumbtack in America, what's the name of this in the UK? Drawing pin
Can you name a hydrocarbon fuel? Coal, gas, oil
Canaan Banana was the first president of which country? Zimbabwe
Carol Hersey was once the most seen person on British TV. Where did she appear? On the BBC colour test card
Catherine Parr survived which royal husband? Henry VIII
Cecil Beaton won Oscars for his designs for which two films? Gigi and My Fair Lady
Charles II gives his name to which type of animal? Dog. King Charles Spaniel
Charlie Hungerford was ex-father in law of which law enforcer? Jim Bergerac
Chartres cathedral in France is famed for what particular feature? Stained glass
Chemically pure gold contains how many carats? 24
Chukkas are the playing periods in which sport? Polo
Cleopatra supposedly bathed in the milk of which animal? Ass
Cliff Richard and Marty Robbins had different songs that shared which title? Devil Woman
Coal is composed of which element? Carbon
Cold meat and cold potatoes can produce what dish? Bubble and squeak
Complete Lord Acton's phrase 'Power tends to corrupt...  '? '...and absolute power corrupts absolutely.'
Concord is the capital of which US state? New Hampshire
Convict Robert Stroud was better known as who? The Birdman of Alcatraz
Cu is the symbol of which chemical element? Copper
Curtly Ambrose plays international cricket for which team?  West Indies
David Ben-Gurion was the first prime minister of which country? Israel
David Nobbs created which character made famous by Leonard Rossiter? Reginald Perrin
Debussy appears on which French bank note? 20 franc
Della Street was secretary to which famous legal character? Perry Mason
Dexter and May have captained England in which sport? Cricket
Diana Ross, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson formed what? The Supremes
Difford and Tilbrook were songwriters for which group? Squeeze
Divali, or the Festival of Lights, is a celebration in which religion? Hindu
Does Elizabeth II face to the left or right on a British coin? Right
Donnerstag is German for which day? Thursday
Dr John Pemberton invented which drink in 1886? Coca Cola
Dr Stephen Hawking wrote a brief history of what? Time
Duncan Goodhew was famous for which sport? Swimming
During how many days was Jesus tempted while in the wilderness? 40
During which battle did the charge of the Light Brigade take place? Balaclava
During which war were concentration camps first introduced? The Boer War
Eau-de-nil is a shade of what colour? Green
Ed Koch was the mayor of which town? New York
Ed Koch was the mayor of which town? New York
Edible, blue and hermit are all types of which creature? Crab
Ena Sharples and Elizabeth of Glamis are types of what? Roses
Errol Brown is lead singer with which group? Hot Chocolate
Euclid is associated with which branch of mathematics? Geometry
Excavating the tombs of which civilization revealed lively paintings showing feasting, dancing and swimming? Etruscan
Exterior shots in 'Cheers' featured a real bar. What was its name ? Bull and Finch
Farouk was king of which country? Egypt
Fe is the symbol of which chemical element? Iron
Film star Roy Scherer died in 1985. What was his screen name? Rock Hudson
Finish and browning are used in which building trade? Plastering
First held in 1983, how many years elapsed before the second Athletics World Championships? Four
Fletcher Christian led a mutiny on which ship? HMS Bounty
Floors Castle is the Scottish home of which duke? The Duke of Roxburgh
Following the 1963 Peerage Act, who was the first peer to disclaim his title? Tony Benn
For how long did Alexander the Great rule? 12 years
For how many months each year does a dormouse hibernate? Six
For how many months was Noah’s Ark afloat? Seven
For over a quarter of a century, which tobacco company has produced a football yearbook? Rothmans
For what achievement is Valentina Tereshkova famous? She was the first woman in space
For what are the letters OM an abbreviation? Order of Merit
For what did the Swede Jenny Lind achieve fame? Soprano singer
For what drink is ‘Mothers Ruin’ a nickname? Gin
For what is Elizabeth Fry chiefly remembered? Prison reform
For what is Frank Lloyd Wright famous? Architecture
For what is Oberammergau famous? Its passion play 
For what is Peter the Hermit particularly known historically? Led the First Crusade
For what is the Medoc area of France famous? Wines
For what kind of building is Rievaulx in North Yorkshire famous? Its abbey
For what line of business was model manufacturer Airfix originally known? Making combs
For which country did Dennis Law play soccer? Scotland
For which county does Dominic Cork play cricket? Derbyshire
For which of these games would you use dice: ludo, whist, hopscotch, snakes-and-ladders? Ludo and snakes-and-ladders
For which sport is Gordon Pirie remembered? Long-distance running
For which sport is Lennox Lewis famous? Boxing
For which Sunday newspaper was Clement Freud a football  correspondent? The Observer
Frederick the Great was king of which country? Prussia
From 1933 to 1947 how was the Hoover Dam on the Colorado known ? Boulder Dam
From the fibres of which plant is linen made? Flax
From what colour rock is the Jordanian city of Petra carved? Red
From what do we get saccharine? Coal 
From which alphabet did all the Western alphabets originate? The Phoenician
From which boat did Jacques Cousteau conduct his underwater research? Calypso
From which country's language does anorak come from? Greenland
From which district in France do the majority of fine clarets come? Medoc
From which film did Duran Duran get their name? Barbarella
From which fish is caviar obtained? Sturgeon
From which flower is digitalis obtained? Foxglove
From which London railway station do you normally travel to Bristol? Paddington
From which London station would you leave if travelling to Carlisle? Euston
From which plant is linen obtained? Flax
From which port was the bulk of the British Expeditionary Force in France evacuated in 1940? Dunkirk
From which tower of the New Palace of Westminster does the Union Jack fly by day? Victoria Tower
From which wood were longbows made?  Yew
Garibaldi, Nice and Ginger Nut are all types of what? Biscuit
Gemma Jones became the Duchess of where? Duke Street
George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord' was claimed to sound like which other song? He's So Fine 
Grandfather, cuckoo and carriage are types of what? Clock
Grant and Truman have been presidents of which country? USA
Graphite is composed of which element? Carbon
'Half A Sixpence' is based on which story by H.G. Wells? Kipps
'Have I Got News For You' is the TV version of which radio show? The News Quiz
Hawthorn traditionally blooms in which month? May
Hedera helix is better known as what? Ivy
Helen Sharman was the first Briton to go where? Space
Helium belongs to which group of elements? Inert gases
Hello, hello, hello, what was founded in Vienna in 1923? Interpol
Henry Cooper became the British and Empire Heavyweight champion on January 12th, 1959. Who was his defeated opponent? Brian London
Henry Cotton became famous in which sport? Golf
Henry III put three barleycorns in a line to make which measurement? Inch
Historically, what is the name of Japan's warrior class? Samurai
Holi is a spring religious festival. In which religion? Hinduism
Horatio Nelson lost his right eye in 1794 at Calvi during the French Revolutionary War. When and where did he lose his right arm? 1797 at the Battle of Cape St Vincent
How are train robbers Parker and Longbaugh better known? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
How can cane chairs be rearranged to produce something sweet? Saccharine
How did American showman William E. Cody become known? Buffalo Bill
How did Cherilyn Sarkasian LaPierre become better known? Cher
How did master escapologist Harry Houdini die? A blow to his stomach
How did Princess Grace of Monaco die? Car crash
How did the car manufacturer, Charles Stewart Rolls, die? In a flying accident
How did the group Nynuk become known in order to find chart success? New Kids On The Block
How did the notorious witchfinder Matthew Hopkins die? He was hung
How did the suffragette Emily Davison meet her death in 1913?  She threw herself under the king's horse at the Derby
How did the word 'exchequer' come into being? The checkered tablecloth once used for accounting
How did Van Gogh commit suicide? He shot himself
How did Yetta Feldman die in 'So Haunt Me'? Choked on a chicken bone
How do bevel gears engage with one another? At right angles
How do male moths find female moths in the dark? By sense of smell
How does a grasshopper produce its distinctive sound? By rubbing it legs against its wings or together
How does Saturday's child work for a living? Hard
How else is the star Sirius known? The Dog Star
How is 77 represented in Roman numerals? LXXVII
How is Anthony McMillan better known? Robbie Coltrane
How is Bob van Winkle better known? Vanilla Ice
How is Charles Springall better known? Charlie Drake
How is Cherilyn La Pier better known? Cher
How is Concetta Franconeri better known?  Connie Francis
How is David O'Mahoney better known? Dave Allen
How is Declan McManus better known? Elvis Costello
How is Frances Gumm better known? Judy Garland
How is Francis Castellucio better known? Frankie Valli
How is Frederick Austerlitz better known? Fred Astaire
How is Gordon Sumner better known? Sting
How is James Bradford better known? Jimmy Nail
How is Joyce Frankenberg better known? Jane Seymour
How is Leslie Heseltine better known?  Les Dennis
How is Louis Firbank better known? Lou Reed
How is Louis Winogradsky better known? Lew Grade
How is Marian Fitzwalter more usually known? Maid Marian
How is Marie Gresholtz better known today? Mme Tussaud
How is Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie better known? Lulu
How is Matilda Alice Victoria Wood better known? Marie Lloyd
How is Michael Barrett better known in the pop world? Shakin' Stevens
How is Noah Kominsky better known? Neil Diamond
How is Norma Jean Baker better known? Marilyn Monroe
How is Priscilla White better known? Cilla Black
How is Rebecca Rolfe better known? Pocahontas
How is Robert Zimmermann  better known? Bob Dylan
How is Roberta Joan Anderson better known? Joni Mitchell
How is Rose Louise Hovick better known? Gypsy Rose Lee
How is Russ Roberts better known? Russ Abbot
How is Russian revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov better known? Lenin
How is Shirley Ann Broadbent better known? Amanda Barrie
How is singer Elaine Bookbinder better known? Elkie Brooks
How is singer/songwriter John Henry Deutschendorf better known? John Denver
How is Terence Williams of UB40 better known? Astro
How is Terry Nelhams better known? Adam Faith
How is the auracaria tree more commonly known? Monkey puzzle
How is the Caribbean island of St Christopher more familiarly known? St Kitts
How is the letter S represented in morse code? Dot dot dot
How is the Roman city of Verulamium known today? St Albans
How is the settlement the Town of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels, by the Little-Portion River known today? Los Angeles
How is the UK golfing term albatross known in America? Double eagle
How is Thomas Derbyshire better known? Tommy Cannon
How is Thomas Hicks better known? Tommy Steele
How is Western actor Marion Morrison better known? John Wayne
How long does the light of the Sun take to reach the Earth? Eight minutes
How long is there between rounds in boxing? One minute
How many are there in a baker's dozen? Thirteen
How many athletes are there in an Olympic relay team? Four
How many atoms of oxygen are there in one molecule of water? One
How many carbon atoms are there in the phenol molecule? Six
How many cards are there in a tarot pack? 78
How many cards are there in each suit? Thirteen
How many cards of the same suit are needed for a flush in poker? Five
How many cents are there in a US nickel? Five
How many children did Queen Victoria have? Nine
How many children were there in Enid Blyton's Famous Five? Four - one was a dog
How many colours are there in the rainbow? Seven
How many counters are on a backgammon board at start of play? Thirty
How many dancers feature in a pas de deux? Two
How many days in two non-leap years? 730
How many decades are there in two centuries? 20
How many degrees in a right angle? 90 degrees
How many do you get if you add a baker's dozen to a score? 33
How many dots are used in each letter in the Braille system? Six
How many edges in a cube? Twelve
How many equal angles are there in an isosceles triangle? Two
How many faces did the Romans believe Janus to have? Two
How many faces has an icosahedron? 20
How many faults are incurred for a refusal in showjumping? Three
How many feet are there in ten yards? 30
How many French kings were named Louis? 18
How many furlongs in a mile? Eight
How many heads did Dr Doolittle's llama have? Two
How many hearts does an octopus have? Three
How many hours in four days? 96
How many humps does a newborn camel have? None
How many inches in two yards? 72
How many islands make up the Calendar Islands in Casco Bay? 365
How many kilograms make one metric ton? One thousand
How many kings of England have been called Philip? None
How many lanes are there in an Olympic swimming pool? Eight
How many laps are completed in a speedway race? Four
How many legs has a daddy-long-legs? Six
How many legs has a lobster? Eight
How many legs has a lobster? Eight
How many legs has a spider? 8
How many letters are there in the Greek alphabet? 24
How many lines in a limerick? Five
How many lungs do snakes have? One
How many miles are there in eight kilometres? Five
How many minutes are there in a week? 10080
How many minutes in five hours? 300
How many minutes in four and three quarter hours? 285
How many minutes in half a day? 720
How many minutes in two and a half hours? 150
How many months were there in the old Roman year? Ten
How many 'Monty Python' series were made? Four
How many more letters are there in the English than the Greek alphabet? Two 
How many moves are there in a chess game in which White opens and wins with Fool's Mate? 7
How many notes are there in an octave? Eight
How many of Henry VIII's wives were called Anne? Two
How many old pence were there in £1? 240
How many old pennies were there in a guinea? 252
How many Oscars for best director did Alfred Hitchcock win? None
How many packs of cards are needed for a game of Canasta? Two
How many packs of cards are needed to play bezique? Two
How many pecks are there in a bushel? Four
How many phases of the moon are there in a lunar month? Four
How many pieces of silver did Judas get for betraying Christ? 30
How many pints in a gallon? Eight
How many pints in three quarts? Six
How many players are in a Rugby League team? Thirteen
How many players are there in a British lacrosse team? Twelve
How many players are there in a netball team? Seven
How many players are there in a Rugby League team? Thirteen
How many players are there in a volleyball team? Six
How many players were on the field at the end of the 1990 World Cup Final? 20
How many points are there on a snowflake? Six
How many points has a Star of David? 6
How many queens have ruled France? None
How many railway stations are there on a Monopoly board? Four
How many reeds does an oboe have? Two
How many ribs does a human have? 24
How many seconds in five minutes? 300
How many seconds in quarter of an hour? 900
How many sheets of paper are there in a ream? 500
How many sides has a 20-pence piece? Seven
How many sides has a cube? Six
How many sides has a cuboid? Six
How many sides has a decagon? Ten
How many sides has a dodecagon? Twelve
How many sides has a heptagon? Seven
How many sides has a nonagon? Nine
How many sides has a parallelogram? Four
How many sides has a rhombus? Four
How many sides has a trapezium? Four
How many sides has an isosceles triangle? Three
How many sides has an octagon? Eight
How many sides in 15 triangles? 45
How many sides in four oblongs? Sixteen
How many sides in three rectangles? Twelve
How many 'sisters' make up the Pleiades? Seven
How many spots are there on a full set of 28 dominoes? 168
How many square inches in a square foot? 144
How many squares are there on a chess board? 64
How many squares on a Rubik Cube never move? Six
How many stomachs has a cow? Four
How many strings are there on a Spanish guitar? Six
How many stripes does a police sergeant have on his arm? Three
How many teeth does a mature male horse have? 40
How many tenpin bowling skittles need knocking down for a strike? Ten
How many time zones does Canada have? Six
How many time zones does mainland USA have? Four
How many times did Barry Sheene win the 500cc world motor cycle racing championship? Two
How many times did Will Carling skipper England before giving up the captaincy in '96?  57
How many times do you sing 'Happy Birthday' if you sing two verses of the song? Eight
How many times was Bobby Charlton capped for England? 106
How many tusks does a warthog have? Four
How many Wimbledon champions retained their 1983 titles in 1984? Five
How many yards in a mile? 1760
How many years are celebrated by a golden anniversary? 50
How many years are celebrated by a pearl anniversary? 30
How many years are celebrated by a platinum anniversary? 70
How many years are celebrated by a ruby anniversary? 40
How many years are celebrated by a silver anniversary? 25
How many years are celebrated by an emerald anniversary? 55
How many years are involved in a golden celebration? Fifty years
How many years are involved in a silver anniversary? 25
How many years is the term of office of the American president? Four
How much does it cost to buy a station on a British Monopoly board? 200
How much in old money was a tanner? Six pence
How much was a groat worth? Four old pence
How was Achilles killed?  By an arrow in his heel
How was Alexander the Great's body preserved? In a jar of honey
How was Eric Bartholomew better known? Eric Morecambe
How was Natasha Gurdin better known? Natalie Wood
How was the Parisian photographer Emmanuel Rudnitsky better known? Man Ray
How were Roger McGough, Mike McGear and John Gorman collectively known? Scaffold
How were the musical duo Asher and Weller better known? Peter and Gordon
How would the music of Vivaldi, Purcell and Handel be classified? Baroque
Huntingdon is the birthplace of which ruler of England? Oliver Cromwell
'I Got Plenty of Nuthin'' comes from which Gershwin work? Porgy and Bess
ICBM stands for Inter-Continental what? Ballistic missile
If a person is anosmic, they have no sense of what? Smell
If a ship runs up a yellow flag what does it mean? No disease aboard
If a sign in Germany announced Rauchen Verboten, what could you not do? Smoke
If a triangle has an angle of 58 degrees and an angle of 77 degrees, what is the third angle? 45 degrees
If a violinist is playing pizzicato, what is he doing? Plucking the strings
If an elderly couple are happily married who are they likened to? Darby and Joan
'If I Were A Rich Man' comes from which stage show? Fiddler on the Roof
If it rains on St Swithin's Day, how many days is it supposed to rain? 40
If libel is a written defamation, what is oral defamation? Slander
If someone is an Old Wykehamist to which school did he go? Winchester College
If someone is lachrymose, what do they do a lot? Cry
If something is Cantonese which country does it come from? China
If the image in the mirror shows the time as five past two, what time is it? Five to ten
If two straight lines are always the same distance apart what are they said to be? Parallel
If VAT is 17.5% what is the VAT on an item costing £2? 35p
If you are playing Southern Cross you are playing a form of which game? Poker
If you are sinistral, what are you? Left handed
If you betray your country what crime do you commit? Treason
If you had an escutcheon, what would be shown on it? Your coat of arms
If you have 'mal de mer' what are you suffering from? Sea sickness
If you suffer from cherophobia what are you afraid of? Gaiety
If you were an LLD what profession would you be involved in? The legal profession
If you were awarded an OBE what would you be? Officer of the Order of the British Empire
If you were driving at 50 miles per hour, at how many kilometres per hour would you be going (approximately)? 80 kilometres per hour
If you were studying coleoptera what would you be examining? Beetles
If you were using a spinnaker, what would you be doing? Sailing
In 1170, which Archbishop of Canterbury was murdered? Thomas a Becket
In 1803 what did the United States double? Its size
In 1858 how many apparitions of the Virgin Mary did Bernadette Soubirous see at Lourdes? 18
In 1885, after being sentenced to death by hanging, how did John Lee survive three attempts by the hangman? The trapdoor failed to open
In 1907, who was the first woman to receive the Order of Merit? Florence Nightingale
In 1915, which British liner was sunk by a German submarine? Lusitania
In 1919 which pianist was elected prime minister of Poland? Ignace Jan Paderewski
In 1920, which was the first country to legalise abortion? The Soviet Union
In 1930, which country did Amy Johnson fly to from England? Australia
In 1937 which woman flyer vanished without trace over the Pacific? Amelia Earhart
In 1940 which classic Disney cartoon was made? Pinocchio
In 1979, Brighton Council decided to allow what type of beach? Nudist
In 1979, who sang about 'Walking On The Moon'? The Police
In 1985, which media tycoon bought 20th Century Fox? Rupert Murdoch
In 1989, which electronic giant bought Columbia Pictures? Sony
In 1993 which film star bought himself a £12 million Gulfstream G-3 jet? Arnold Schwarzenegger
In 1995 which political party leadership was contested by two Johns? Conservative
In a 1980 tragedy who or what was Alexander Keilland? A floating hotel for North Sea workers
In a book, what is a frontispiece? An illustration
In a bullfight who kills the bull? Matador
In a car what is the device called that secures electrical ignition? Sparking plug
In a fairy story a queen had to guess the name of a little man or lose her baby. What was his name? Rumpelstiltskin
In a pack of cards how many jacks' eyes can be seen? Twelve
In a Pink Floyd song who had the strange hobby of collecting clothes? Arnold Layne
In a poem by Edward Lear, what was peculiar about the 'Pobble'? It  had no toes
In a political scandal, who said, 'Discretion is a polite word for hypocrisy'? Christine Keeler
In a Shakespeare play who kills Desdemona? Othello
In a standard cinefilm how many frames are shown each second? 24
In a tennis tie-break, what is the largest winning margin? 7-0
In ads, what is Homepride's head chef called? Fred
In ads, what was BT's bird called? Buzby
In ads, what were you using if your fingers did the walking? Yellow Pages
In ads, which sign meant 'happy motoring'? Esso
In ads, which sweets are 'made to make your mouth water'? Opal Fruits
In ads, which toothpaste gave you a ring of confidence? Colgate
In ads, who is 'your flexible friend'? Access card
In advertising, what were the 'too good to hurry mints'? Murray Mints
In adverts, which drink could be taken 'Anytime, any place anywhere'? Martini
In America what is Airforce One? The president's plane
In an English trial, how many people sit on the jury? Twelve
In Ancient Egypt what kind of bird is represented by Horus? Hawk
In April 1967, what famous first did Shirley Preston achieve in London? First female taxi driver
In 'Are You Being Served?' what was John Inman's catchphrase? 'I'm free'
In area, which is the world's largest desert? Sahara
In art, what is a pantograph used for? An instrument for enlarging or reducing drawings
In Arthurian legend, what is the Holy Grail? The cup used at the Last Supper
In astronomy what are falling stars properly called? Meteors
In athletics, what are the four jumping events? Long jump, high jump, triple jump and pole vault
In Australia, what animal is a jumbuck? Sheep
In Australian football, how many players are there on a side? Eighteen
In aviation VTOL stands for what type of take-off and landing? Vertical
In 'Birds of a Feather' what is Dorien's husband called? Marcus
In bluegrass music who is Flatt's partner? Scruggs
In boxing at what weight do you fight if you weigh over 12 stone 7 pounds? Heavyweight
In boxing what do the letters TKO stand for? Technical Knock Out
In boxing which weight is between fly and feather? Bantam
In boxing, what does WBA stand for? World Boxing Association
In boxing, who was known as the 'Ghost with the hammer in his hand'? Jimmy Wilde
In bridge, what jargon word describes 'holding no trumps'? Chicane
In Britain in which season does the Earth move faster round the Sun? Summer
In Britain which is the ultimate court of appeal? House of Lords
In broadcasting what does CNN stand for? Cable News Network
In Canada, of which province is St John's the capital? Newfoundland
In canasta, how many playing cards are needed? 108
In cartoons, which song does Huckleberry Hound sing? Clementine
In cartoons, who 'kept on walking'? Felix the Cat
In CB terminology, what is a water hole? Pub
In 'Cheers' what was Ernie Pantouso's nickname? The Coach
In chemistry, what is a substance which cannot be split into simpler substances? Element
In chess, how many squares can the king move at a time? One
In chess, which piece always moves diagonally? Bishop
In China what was the colour of Chairman Mao's 'little book'? Red
In cinema, what does MGM stand for? Metro Goldwyn Mayer
In comics, by what name is Bruce Wayne known? Batman
In conservation, what do the letters FOE stand for? Friends of the Earth
In cookery, what is meant  by coddling? Simmering briefly
In 'Coronation Street' what is Ken and Denise's little boy called? Daniel
In 'Coronation Street' what is Ken Barlow's job? Teacher
In 'Coronation Street' what is Maureen Holdsworth's mother called? Maud Grimes
In 'Coronation Street' what is the name of Deirdre's daughter? Tracy
In 'Coronation Street', what is the name of Mike Baldwin's wife? Alma
In 'Countdown' how many letters are selected for the letters game? Nine
In cricket how many balls are there in an over? Six
In cricket how many runs is a Nelson? 111
In cricket, who is the fielder who patrols the boundary behind the slips? Third man
In 'Crossroads' what part did Noele Gordon play? Meg Mortimer
In 'Dad's Army' what was Captain Mainwaring's day job? Bank manager
In 'Dad's Army' what was the occupation of Private Frazer? Undertaker
In 'Dad's Army' what were Godfrey's two sisters called? Dolly and Cissy
In darts, what is the highest score from three different trebles? 171
In darts, what is the lowest score for three trebles? Nine
In darts, what is the lowest score from three different trebles? Eighteen
In darts, who won the World Masters five times between 1977 and 1984? Eric Bristow
In 'David Copperfield' what was the surname of Uriah? Heap
In Disney's 'The Lion King' who is king at the end of the picture? Simba
In dyeing, what name is given to the substance used to fix the colour? A mordant
In 'EastEnders' what did Michelle Fowler call her little girl? Vicki
In 'EastEnders' what is the name of Carol's red-haired daughter? Bianca
In 'EastEnders' what was Sam's surname before she married Ricky? Mitchell
In 'EastEnders' who is Kathy Mitchell's son by Pete Beale? Ian
In 'EastEnders', what is Ethel's last name? Skinner
In education, what does BA stand for? Bachelor of Arts
In education, what does GCSE stand for? General Certificate of Secondary Education
In education, what does OU stand for? Open University
In 'Emmerdale' what did Annie Sugden's name change to? Annie Kempinski
In England, where is the National Water Sports Centre? Nottingham
In feet how wide is a hockey goal? Twelve
In fiction who lived in the stables at Birtwick Hall? Black Beauty
In fiction, Michael Henchard became mayor of which town? Casterbridge
In fiction, what were Milly Molly Mandy's proper names? Millicent Margaret Amanda
In 'Fifteen To One' how many contestants take part in the final round? Three
In Fiji ethnic Fijians are outnumbered by which people? Indians
In films how is Betty Joan Perske better known? Lauren Bacall
In films what do the letters PG stand for ? Parental Guidance
In financial terms, what is the IMF? International Monetary Fund
In folk music how were Dave Guard, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane better known? The Kingston Trio
In France what do the initials TGV mean? Train Grande Vitesse
In France what title was given to the eldest son of the king? Dauphin
In geography what is a shoal? An area of sandbanks
In geography, what is a cataract? Waterfall
In geography, which term means the joining of two rivers? Confluence
In geometry what type of line bisects a circle? Diameter
In geometry, how many degrees are there in a complete circle? 360
In geometry, how many minutes are there in a degree? 60
In geometry, what is meant by concentric? Having the same centre
In German fable who sold his soul to Mephistopheles? Faust
In golf what is the term for two over par? Double bogey
In golf what is the traditional name for the number ten iron? Wedge
In Greek legend, which prophetess was the foreteller of doom? Cassandra
In Greek mythology what was the Sword of Damocles suspended by? A single horse hair
In Greek mythology which gift was given to Cassandra by Apollo? The gift of prophecy
In Greek mythology, what was Irene the goddess of? Peace
In Greek mythology, who is the god of love? Eros
In Greek tragedy, which king married his own mother? Oedipus
In heraldry what is meant by 'couchant'? Lying down
In heraldry, what colour is gules? Red
In 'HMS Pinafore' who did Sir Joseph Porter bring on boat along with his sisters? His cousins and his aunt
In how many films did James Dean appear? Three
In 'I Belong To Glasgow', how many drinks do I get on a Saturday? A couple
In imperial measurement, how many yards are in a chain? 22
In Japan what name is given to ritual sacrifice? Hara-kiri
In July 1923 what freak weather conditions killed 23 people in Rostov, USSR? Giant hailstones
In June 1980, which coin ceased to be legal tender? Sixpence
In 'Kung Fu' what name do the Buddhist priests give to Kwai Chang Caine? Grasshopper
In land area which is the world's largest continent? Asia
In 'Last Of The Summer Wine' what was Nora's husband called? Wally
In Latin, what does 'Ave Marie' mean? Hail,  Mary
In legend, which bird rose from its own ashes? Phoenix
In legend, which king turned everything he touched into gold? Midas
In legend, who slew the gorgon Medusa? Perseus
In literature, how many Arabian Nights were there? 1001
In London where is Poet's Corner? Westminster Abbey
In London, the Cambridge, the Lyric and the Adelphi are all what? Theatres
In London, which road runs from Charing Cross to Fleet Street? The Strand
In maths, what is meant by three dots in a triangular formation? Therefore
In 'May to December' what was Alec and Zoe's baby called? Fleur
In medieval times, what was a mangonel used for? Launching missiles
In miles, approximately how far from the Earth do meteors usually burn out? 50 miles
In modern times, how often have the Olympic Games been cancelled due to war? Thre
In Morse Code what letter is represented by three dashes? O
In music hall, who was the 'Prime Minister of Mirth'? George Robey
In music what key is a piece written in if it has five flats? D flat
In music, a flat sign lowers a note but what sign raises a note? Sharp
In music, how many quavers equal a minim? Four
In music, name the horizontal lines around which notes are written? Stave
In music, what is a note if it is neither sharp nor flat? Natural
In music, what is meant by pianissimo? Very softly
In 'My Friend Flicka' who or what was Flicka? Horse
In mythology what is Neptune the god of? The sea
In mythology which riddle was solved by Oedipus? The Riddle of the Sphinx
In mythology who were the Amazons? Warrior women
In mythology, in what form did Zeus visit Leda? As a swan
In mythology, Minerva was the goddess of what? Wisdom
In mythology, of what were the pipes of Pan made? Reeds
In mythology, who was banished by his son Jupiter? Saturn
In needlework, which stitch may be described as 'petit point'? Tent stitch
In nursery rhyme, during which season did the Queen of Hearts make the tarts? Summer
In nursery rhyme, what did Little Jack Horner pull out of a pie? Plum
In nursery rhyme, where did Mary's little lamb follow her to? School
In opera, whose tiny hand was frozen? Mimi's
In our solar system which planet is farthest from the Sun? Pluto
In our solar system which planet takes the least time to orbit the sun? Mercury
In Parliament what was known as DORA? Defence Of the Realm Act
In 'Penny Lane' what is a nurse selling from a tray? Poppies
In polite circles, which drink should be passed to the left? Port
In polite society, what does a man do on two legs, a woman sitting down and a dog on three legs? Shake hands
In politics what is the opposite of a dove? A hawk
In politics, how many readings does a bill have in the House of Commons? Three
In politics, to whom does the expression 'Father of the House' refer? The longest-serving MP
In pop, who was King of the wild frontier? Adam Ant
In 'Porridge' who played Ronnie Barker's cell mate? Richard Beckinsale
In printing and editing what do the letters UC signify? Upper case
In proverb speech is silver but what is golden? Silence
In proverb, there is 'many a slip 'twixt' what and what? Cup and lip
In 'Red Dwarf' what was the ranking of Technician Dave Lister? Third Class
In 'Red Dwarf' what was the spaceship's computer called? Holly
In rhyming slang what are mince pies? Eyes
In rhyming slang what is a Joanna? Piano
In rhyming slang what is a north and south? Mouth
In rhyming slang what is Barnet Fair? Hair
In rhyming slang what is dog and bone? Phone
In rhyming slang what is meant by dickory dock? Clock
In rhyming slang what is meant by rabbit and pork? Talk
In rhyming slang what is the Sweeney Todd? Flying Squad
In 'Rising Damp' what is Rigsby's cat called? Vienna
In Roman mythology, who was the husband of Juno? Jupiter
In Roman numerals what is MD + MD? MMM
In rugby, what name is given to a forward on either end of the front row of a scrum? Prop
In 'Safety Last' where is stunt actor Harold Lloyd seen hanging from? Clock face
In sailing, what is a warp? Mooring rope
In Scotland what is or was a tawse? Strap, leather belt
In Scotland what style of cloth was illegal from 1745 to 1782? Tartan
In Scotland, what are Eigg, Muck and Rhum? Islands
In Shakespeare's 'Othello', who is the female lead?  Desdemona
In snooker what is the score for potting a black? Eight
In snooker, how many points are scored by potting the yellow ball? Two
In snooker, how many points are scored for potting the green ball? Three
In snooker, what is the score from potting the pink? Six
In soccer, which country did Eusebio play for? Portugal
In song, what colour toothbrush was Max Bygraves? Blue
In song, where do the deer and the antelope play? Home On The Range
In South America what kind of building is a hacienda? Farmhouse
In South America, what is a gaucho? Cowboy
In Spain what is the word for an afternoon nap? Siesta
In Spanish, which word is used to address a young, or unmarried, lady? Senorita
In sport, who are The Blades? Sheffield United
In tennis, what is a score of 40 all called? Deuce
In tennis, what name is given to a serve which cannot be returned? Ace
In tennis, what name is given to the women's World Cup? Fed Cup
In the 14th century what was the bubonic plague called in England? The Black Death
In the 14th century, which two countries fought at Poitiers? England and France
In the 1850s a Singer sewing machine became the first item to be sold under which trading terms? Hire Purchase
In the 1950s whose quintet did John Coltrane play with? Miles Davis's
In the 1960s which footballer was called 'The Fifth Beatle'? George Best
In the ads, what does Lynda Bellingham use to make gravy? Oxo
In 'The Archers' what is the name of the church in Ambridge? St Stephen's
In 'The Archers', at which farm do Phil and Jill Archer live? Brookfield
In the Bible who goes after Mark and before John? Luke
In the Bible, name the son who Abraham was asked to sacrifice? Isaac
In the Bible, what part of John the Baptist's anatomy did Salome demand as a reward for her dancing? Head
In the Bible, what was the name of the first garden? Eden
In the Bible, where was the traveller going to in the parable of the Good Samaritan? Jericho
In the Bible, which book comes after Saint John? The Acts 1
In the Bible, which book follows Matthew? Mark
In the Bible, which king had to decide which of two women was the mother of a child? Solomon
In the Bible, which king of Babylon saw his own death prophesied? Belshazzar
In the Bible, who led the children of Israel to the Promised Land? Moses
In the Bible, who led the Israelites to the Battle of Jericho? Joshua
In the Bible, who was betrayed by Delilah? Samson
In the Bible, who was famous for his wisdom? Solomon
In the board game Cluedo what is the name of the Reverend? Green
In the Book of Genesis, what did Esau get in return for his birthright? A mess of pottage
In the book title, who did writer Laurie Lee have cider with? Rosie
In the British army which rank comes between Lieutenant and Major? Captain
In the broadcasting sector, what does ITN stand for? Independent Television News
In the children's party game, what is passed around and unwrapped? Parcel
In the classic comedy, Kenneth Horne and Richard Murdoch brought which village to radio? Much Binding in the Marsh
In 'The Colbys' what is Sable short for? Sabelia
In the comic strip who was Blondie's husband? Dagwood
In 'The Darling Buds of May' who did Charley work for? The Inland Revenue
In the early 1700s who invented a seed drill? Jethro Tull
In the early 19th century what did George Shillibeer bring to London? The Omnibus
In the Earth's crust which metal is the most abundant? Aluminium
In the fable, what did the boy cry to trick the villagers? Wolf
In the film 'Carry On Columbus' who played the title role? Jim Dale
In the film 'Free Willy' what was Willy? A whale
In the film 'The Day of the Jackal', who played the Jackal? Edward Fox
In the general theory of relativity what causes space-time to be modified? Mass
In the human body, what has four chambers? The Heart
In the international Code of Signals what does 'Oscar' signify? Man overboard
In the London theatre what is the longest-running play ever? The Mousetrap
In 'The Lone Ranger' what was the name of Tonto's horse? Scout
In 'The Madness of King George' who played King George? Nigel Hawthorne
In the military sector, what does TA stand for? Territorial Army
In 'The Naked Civil Servant' who did John Hurt portray? Quentin Crisp
In the Nintendo game what is Mario's job? Plumber
In the nursery rhyme who was married on a Wednesday? Solomon Grundy
In the nursery rhyme, what did Tom, Tom the piper's son steal? A pig
In the nursery rhyme, who ran away with the spoon? Dish
In 'The Odyssey', into what did the witch Circe change the sailors? Pigs
In the past, what was an Iron Horse? Steam locomotive
In the past, which animal did doctors use to drain blood from the sick? Leech
In the Paul McCartney/Stevie Wonder hit what went with ebony? Ivory
In the pirate song, how many men were on the dead man's chest? Fifteen
In the plant world, what do the letters RHS stand for ? Royal Horticultural Society
In the political sector, what does MEP stand for? Member of the European Parliament
In the pop song, who wore a 'crimson dress that clings so tight'? Pretty Flamingo
In the rhyme, what is Friday's child? Loving and giving
In the rhyme, who killed Cock Robin? Sparrow
In the Rocky Mountains what is the dry wind that is warm in winter and cool in summer? The chinook
In the Sikh religion what is kesh? Uncut hair
In the solar system which is the third planet from the sun? Earth
In the song 'I Believe', what happens for every drop of rain that falls? A flower grows
In the song, how many little girls were in the back seat a-kissin' and a-huggin' with Fred? Seven
In the song, 'I danced with a man, who danced with a girl who danced with...' whom? The Prince  of Wales
In the song, the House Of The Rising Sun is in which city? New Orleans
In the song, what colour are Crystal Gale's brown eyes made? Blue
In the song, what did my true love send to me on the seventh day of Christmas? Seven swans a-swimming
In the song, which official is waiting 'for me and my gal'? The parson
In the song, who regrets she is unable to lunch today? Miss Otis
In the song, who stuck a feather in his hat called macaroni? Yankee Doodle
In the story, how many men were in Jerome K. Jerome's boat? Three
In the strip cartoon, what is the name of Snoopy's brother? Spike
In the toy world, who is Ken's girlfriend? Barbie
In the traditional song, in which city did Molly Malone sell cockles and mussels? Dublin
In the UK what is the maximum number of years between General Elections? Five
In the United States what item of clothing do they call suspenders? Braces
In the United States what name was given to a seller of illegal alcohol? Bootlegger
In the USA what does the I stand for in CIA? Intelligence
In the USA what is a greenback? A dollar bill
In the USA, which are the two main political parties? Democrats and Republicans
In the Victorian age what did Mary Ann Cotton gain notoriety as? A mass murderer
In the war song 'Pack Up Your Troubles' what do you need to light a fag? A lucifer
In the Wild West, for what was Annie Oakley famous? Shooting
In the world of computing what is a bug? An error in a program
In the zodiac, which animal is linked with Capricorn? Goat
In 'Treasure Island', which sailor dreamed of toasted cheese? Ben Gunn
In TV comedy, where did Uncle Martin come from? Mars
In 'Two Little Boys', what did each boy have that was wooden? Horse
'In Utmost Good Faith' is the motto of which organisation? Lloyd's of London
In Venice, what links the Ducal Palace with the state prison? The Bridge of Sighs
In westerns, what was the name of Gene Autry's horse? Champion
In what game do you peg, and score for pairs and fifteens? Cribbage
In what kind of theatre did Vesta Tilley become famous? Music hall
In what year did Francis Drake begin his voyage around the world? 1577
In what year did Spain and Portugal join the EC? 1986
In what year did Valentina Tereshkova become the first woman in space? 1963
In what year was the first soccer World Cup broadcast on British TV in colour? 1970
In which 1954 battle did the Vietminh defeat the French and end their influence in Indochina? Dien Bien Phu
In which African country is the city of Bulawayo? Zimbabwe
In which African country is the city of Ibadan? Nigeria
In which African country is Timbuktu? Mali
In which Alpine range is the Swiss mountain, Jungfrau? Bernese Alps
In which American novel is there a character called Little Eva? Uncle Tom's Cabin
In which animals would you find compound eyes? Insects
In which art did John and Ethel Barrymore achieve fame? Acting
In which art did Sir Henry Irving become famous? Theatre
In which art has Barbara Hepworth become famous? Sculpture
In which art has Beryl Grey achieved fame? Ballet
In which battle did Rome defeat the forces of Antony and Cleopatra? Battle of Actium
In which battle were the British commander, Wolfe, and the French commander, Montcalm, both killed? Quebec
In which book did John le Carre's George Smiley first appear? Call for the Dead
In which book does Emma Harte first appear? A Woman of Substance
In which Book of the Bible is found the story of the birth of Moses? Exodus
In which book would you find Mrs Do-as-you-would-be-done-by? The Water Babies
In which branch of the arts is the metronome used? Music
In which British city is the station Temple Meads? Bristol
In which capital city was Alexander Graham Bell born in 1847? Edinburgh
In which capital is the statue of a small boy, the Mannekin Pis? Brussels
In which card game can you stick and twist? Pontoon
In which card game do you 'peg out'? Cribbage
In which castle was Edward II murdered? Berkeley Castle
In which cathedral were the first Anglican women in Britain ordained? Bristol
In which century did Queen Victoria die? Twentieth
In which century was 1658? 17th
In which century was tea first brought to Europe? 17th century
In which century was the last outbreak of the Black Death in England? 20th century 
In which children's TV show did Bungle, George and Zippy appear? Rainbow
In which city did Karl Marx write 'Das Kapital'? London
In which city did Molly Malone wheel her wheelbarrow? Dublin
In which city did the charity Oxfam originate? Oxford
In which city did the hamburger originate? Hamburg
In which city does Judge Dredd work? Mega City 1
In which city in 1916 was the Easter Rising? Dublin
In which city is La Scala opera house? Milan
In which city is Orly airport? Paris
In which city is Sacre Coeur? Paris
In which city is Sauchiehall Street? Glasgow
In which city is the British National Lifeboat Museum? Bristol
In which city is the Doge's Palace? Venice
In which city is the Obelisk of Luxor? Paris
In which city is The Oval cricket ground? London
In which city is the Whitney art gallery? New York
In which city was General Gordon put to death? Khartoum
In which city was the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest held? Dublin
In which city was the first boy scout troop registered? Glasgow
In which city was the first underground railway? London
In which city was there formerly a parliament building called the Reichstag? Berlin
In which city would you find the Blue Mosque? Istanbul
In which city would you find the house of the painter Rubens? Antwerp
In which constellation are the stars Bellatrix and Betelgeuse? Orion
In which country are the Angel Falls? Venezuela
In which country are women excluded from any graveside rituals? China
In which country did a cultural revolution take place during 1966-69? China
In which country did Eddi Cochrane die? England
In which country did judo develop? Japan
In which country did polo originate? Iran
In which country did the card game bridge originate? Turkey
In which country did the first Christmas stamp appear in 1898? Canada
In which country did the first organised motor race take place? France
In which country did the poets Keats and Shelley both die? Italy
In which country did the study of geometry originate? Egypt
In which country did the Thuggee - from which we derive the word thug - operate? India
In which country do the Monteneros guerrillas operate?  Argentina
In which country does the Amazon rise? Peru
In which country is Baden-Baden? Germany
In which country is Flushing Meadow tennis stadium? USA
In which country is Hampden Park Stadium? Scotland
In which country is Havana? Cuba
In which country is Newt Gingrich an eminent politician? United States
In which country is Puccini's 'Turandot' set? China
In which country is Schiphol airport? Netherlands
In which country is the city of Jakarta? Indonesia
In which country is the Corinth Canal? Greece
In which country is the Curragh racecourse? Ireland
In which country is the dong used as currency? Vietnam
In which country is the Dordogne? France
In which country is the Jasper National Park? Canada
In which country is the Matterhorn? Switzerland
In which country is the Napa Valley? United States
In which country is the port of Alexandria? Egypt
In which country is the ruined city of Carthage? Tunisia
In which country is the steepest street in the world? New Zealand
In which country is the Table Mountain? South Africa
In which country is the volcanic mountain called Popocatapetl? Mexico
In which country is the volcano Popocatapetl? Mexico
In which country is Waterloo, site of the Napoleonic battlefield? Belgium
In which country was Catherine the Great born? Poland
In which country was Checkpoint Charlie located? West Germany
In which country was Princess Margaret born? Scotland
In which country was 'Release Me' singer Englebert Humperdinck born? India
In which country was Rudyard Kipling born? India
In which country was Shergar kidnapped? Ireland
In which country was Sid James born? South Africa
In which country was the explorer HM Stanley born? Wales
In which country was 'The Flame Trees of Thika' set? Kenya
In which country was the playwright Tom Stoppard born? Czechoslovakia
In which country were fireworks invented? China
In which country were there originally mandarins? China
In which country were turkeys first found? North America
In which country would you find polders? Netherlands
In which country would you find the Laurentian Mountains? Canada
In which country would you see wild wombats? Australia
In which county are the Brecon Beacons? Powys
In which county is Land's End? Cornwall
In which county is Romney Marsh? Kent
In which county is the Seikan tunnel? Japan
In which county is Windsor Castle? Berkshire
In which county is Woburn Abbey? Bedfordshire
In which county was the first borstal in Britain? Kent
In which decade did Disneyland open in California? 1950s
In which decade did India go metric? 1950s
In which decade did John Logie Baird invent television? The 1920s
In which decade did Pablo Picasso die? 1973
In which decade did the Falkland Islands first become a British colony? 1830s
In which decade did the 'par avion' airmail stickers appear in Britain? The 1920s
In which decade was flogging abolished in Britain? 1940s
In which desert did Mark Thatcher go missing? Sahara
In which district are Hawes and Ullswater? Lake District
In which early radio soap was Mary worried about Jim? Mrs Dale's Diary
In which English city is the cathedral known as 'Paddy's Wigwam'? Liverpool
In which English county are Taunton and Wells? Somerset
In which English county would you find the coastal resort of California? Norfolk
In which European country is Malmš? Sweden
In which Far Eastern country was the Unification Church (Moonies) founded in 1954? South Korea
In which fictional county do The Archers live? Borsetshire
In which fictitious Hampshire town does Chief Inspector Wexford work? Kingsmarkham
In which film did Dietrich sing 'Falling In Love Again'? The Blue Angel
In which film did Elvis Presley play a double role? Kissin' Cousins
In which film did John Travolta play Vincent Vega? Pulp Fiction
In which film do Abbott and Costello land on Venus? Abbot and Costello Go To Mars
In which film does Professor Higgins appear? My Fair Lady
In which film is the Harry Lime theme? The Third Man
In which galaxy is the Earth? The Milky Way
In which game do players have to guess a word from a drawing? Pictionary
In which game do the players need glass balls? Marbles
In which game do you draw part of a gallows for every wrong answer? Hangman
In which game does the term 'cannon' occur? Billiards 
In which Gilbert and Sullivan opera is eating a sausage roll a secret sign? The Grand Duke
In which House was James Herriot's veterinary practice? Skeldale House
In which Ian Fleming novel did James Bond first appear? Casino Royale
In which Indian city did British troops open fire without warning on a crowd of 10,000 in 1919? Amritsar
In which industry was Lord Nuffield a pioneer? Motor car manufacturing
In which Italian city did Antonio Stradivari and Niccoli Amati make their violins? Cremona
In which kind of building is there a transept? Church
In which language did Aristophanes write his plays? Greek
In which language was the New Testament originally written? Greek
In which Libyan seaport did Australian forces endure a long siege in World War II? Tobruk
In which London building is the Whispering Gallery? St Paul's
In which London park would you find Birdcage Walk? St James's Park
In which London street is Hamley's toy shop? Regent Street
In which month does the grouse shooting season start in Britain? August
In which month each year is Battle of Britain week? September
In which month is Beaujolais Nouveau released for consumption? November
In which month is Halloween?  October
In which month is Michaelmas Day? September 
In which month is Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday? June
In which month is Remembrance Day? November
In which month is Royal Ascot horse-racing season? June
In which month is St David's Day?  March
In which month is St Patrick's Day? March
In which month is the first day of spring? March
In which month is the Le Mans 24 hour race held? June
In which month is the longest day in Britain? June
In which month is the shortest day? December
In which month is the Spring Bank Holiday? May
In which month is Twelfth Night? January
In which month is Valentine's Day? February
In which month of the year did King Canute die? November
In which month of the year would you go to Munich for the beer festival? October
In which musical does the song 'Somewhere' appear? West Side Story
In which mythology does Yggdrasil feature? Scandinavian
In which needlecraft is honeycomb stitch worked? Smocking
In which novel does the character Major Major Major Major appear? Catch 22
In which novel does the character Quebec Bagnet appear? Bleak House
In which novel does the land of Glubbdubdrib appear? Gulliver's Travels
In which ocean are the Azores? Atlantic
In which ocean is the Sargasso Sea? Atlantic
In which of Dickens's novels does Sam Weller appear? The Pickwick  Papers
In which of Graham Greene's novels does Pinkie appear? Brighton Rock
In which 'ology' were Freud and Jung active? Psychology
In which 'ology', founded in the early 1950s, is self awareness paramount?  Scientology
In which Olympic event would the competitor use ribbons and hoops?   Rhythmic gymnastics
In which opera does the heroine work in a cigarette factory? Carmen
In which palace was Winston Churchill born? Blenheim
In which park is the Serpentine? Hyde Park
In which part of Germany might you find a chocolate gateau with cream and cherries? Black Forest
In which part of the atmosphere is the ozone layer? Stratosphere
In which part of the body is pepsin produced? Stomach
In which part of the body is the cornea located? The eye
In which part of the body is the patella? Knee
In which play does Miss Prism appear? The Importance of Being Earnest
In which police drama was Stick a source of information on criminal activity? Spender
In which port did Sir Francis Drake 'singe the King of Spain's beard'? Cadiz
In which programme did Rab C. Nesbitt first appear on TV? Naked Video
In which Puccini opera does Mimi appear? La Boheme
In which radio show did Bluebottle and Eccles appear? The Goon Show
In which real state is the fictitious town of Knots Landing? California
In which republic of the former USSR is Chernobyl? Ukraine
In which resort was 'Fawlty Towers' set? Torquay
In which river was Jesus Christ  baptized? The Jordan
In which round was the Bruno v Tyson 1996 fight stopped? Third
In which secret agent spoof did Agent 99 appear? Get Smart
In which series did a Flood become a Tipple? May to December
In which Shakespeare play do we meet two grave diggers? Hamlet
In which Shakespeare play does a forest apparently move? Macbeth
In which Shakespeare play is Shylock introduced? The Merchant of Venice
In which shipyards were the 'Queen Mary' and 'QE2' built? Clydebank
In which show was there a feature called 'Double or Drop'? Crackerjack
In which soap do the Sugdens appear? Emmerdale
In which speech did President Lincoln state that American government: was 'of the people, by the people, for the people'? Gettysburg Address
In which sport are Doggetts Coat and Badge awarded? Rowing
In which sport are stones and a broom used? Curling
In which sport are the Triffus, Miller and Rudolf moves performed? Trampolining
In which sport are there madisons and pursuits? Cycling
In which sport are there wild water, sprint and slalom events? Canoeing
In which sport did Neal Adams win Olympic medals? Judo
In which sport do we talk about a half nelson? Wrestling
In which sport does the Harlequin Club compete? Rugby Union
In which sport does the scoring begin at 15? Tennis
In which sport is the Curtis Cup awarded? Golf
In which sport is the Davis Cup played for? Tennis
In which sport is the Thomas Cup awarded? Badminton
In which sport is there a york round? Archery
In which sport might you see a Chinaman and a Maiden? Cricket
In which sport was Sir Donald Bradman famous? Cricket
In which sport would you have an Eskimo roll? Canoeing
In which sporting event does the winning team move backwards? Tug of war
In which stadium did England win the 1966 World Cup Final?  Wembley
In which street is the Bank of England? Threadneedle Street
In which suburb was 'The Good Life' set? Surbiton
In which suburban district of London was the 'Good Life' set? Surbiton
In which team game do you try to move backwards all the time? Tug of War
In which tower is Big Ben? The Clock Tower
In which town and country is Britain's Royal Mint situated? Llantrisant, Wales
In which town did Jesus grow up? Nazareth
In which town do the Flintstones live? Bedrock
In which town in 1914 was an archduke assassinated? Sarajevo
In which town was the first test tube baby born in 1978? Oldham, Lancs
In which track event do you get wet even when it's not raining? Steeplechase
In which trade did a Butcher, a Cooper and a Mariner work together in 1970-80? Football
In which TV programme did Bruce Forsyth and Rosemarie Ford appear? The Generation Game
In which TV programme did Ian Botham and Bill Beaumont appear as team captains? A Question of Sport
In which TV programme did the staff of Grace Brothers appear? Are You Being Served?
In which TV programme do Arthur Daley and Terry McCann appear? Minder
In which TV programme do Patsy and Edina appear? Absolutely Fabulous
In which TV programme do Sharon, Tracey and Dorien appear? Birds Of A Feather
In which TV programme does Hyacinth Bucket appear? Keeping Up Appearances
In which TV series did Janet Jackson have a starring role? Fame
In which TV series did Marilyn have an Uncle Herman? The Munsters
In which TV series did the village of Los Barcos feature? El Dorado
In which TV series sequel did Bob marry Thelma? Whatever Happened to  the Likely Lads
In which TV series was a teacher nicknamed 'Privet'? Please Sir
In which TV show did creatures cry 'Exterminate!'? Dr Who
In which TV show did the 'Mr Puniverse' contest take part? The Late, Late Breakfast Show
In which two cities would you find Cleopatra's Needles? London and New York
In which two places can you find porcupines in Europe? Sicily and Italy
In which unusual way does Yorick first appear on stage in 'Hamlet'? As a skull
In which US city is Grand Central Station? New York
In which village is 'Emmerdale' set? Beckindale
In which village was Penelope Keith 'To the Manor Born'? Cricket St Thomas
In which war did the Battle of Isandhlwana take place? The Zulu War
In which war was the Battle of Jutland? First World War
In which war was the Battle of Shiloh? American Civil  War
In which war was The Charge of the Light Brigade?  The Crimean War
In which war was the Victoria Cross first awarded? Crimean
In which Wilkie Collins novel does the villain, Count Fosco, appear? The Woman in White
In which work do Nadir and Zurga appear? The Pearl Fishers
In which year did Britain go decimal? 1971
In which year did Hitler come to power in Germany? 1933
In which year did India gain independence from Britain? 1947
In which year did Ireland join the EC? 1973
In which year did London's first airport open? 1919
In which year did Mussolini seize power in Italy? 1922
In which year did the British breathalyser law come into force? 1967
In which year did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? 1941
In which year did the M1 motorway open? 1959
In which year did the space shuttle Challenger explode? 1986
In which year did the ten-shilling note cease to be legal tender? 1970
In which year did the 'Titanic' sink? 1912
In which year did women gain the vote in Switzerland? 1971
In which year this century did a seven-year revolution begin in Mexico? 1910
In which year was Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment? 1964
In which year was North Sea oil discovered? 1966
In which year was the European Economic Community established? 1957
In which year was the Festival of Britain? 1951
In which year was the first Wembley FA Cup Final to need a replay? 1970
In which year was the Gunpowder Plot? 1605
In World War II on what were we 'going to hang out the washing'? Siegfried Line
In yachting, what is a metal mike? Automatic helmsman
In yards, how long was a rod, pole, or perch? Five and a half
Insects have one physiological function which prevents them from reaching any size bigger than a mouse. What is it? Breathing
Instead of Palin, who was originally to go round the world in 80 days? Alan Whicker
Into how many international time zones is the world divided? 24
Ipswich is the administrative headquarters of which English county? Suffolk
Is an okapi animal or vegetable or mineral? Animal
Is it the male or female cuckoo that makes the 'cuck-oo' call? Male
Is it unlawful to kill a partridge on Christmass Day? Yes
Is the corncrake a bird, mammal or reptile? Bird
Is the South Pole at the Arctic or the Antarctic? Antarctic
Is the suburb of Southgate in the north, south, east or west of London? North
Italian dictator Benito Mussolini previously had which two jobs? Teaching, journalism
It's a tail lamp in the USA, what's this part of the car called in the UK? Rear light
James I and Charles I were members of which royal dynasty? Stuarts
Jane Wyman was the first wife of which famous American? Ronald Reagan
Jennyanydots was what kind of cat? Gumbie Cat
Joan Greengross was secretary to which fictional salesman? Reginald Perrin
Johanna Spyri created which little girl? Heidi
John Ridd is the male lead in which book with a girl's name as its title? Lorna Doone
Jonquil is a shade of which colour? Yellow
Joseph Levitch is better known as who? Jerry Lewis
Julius Caesar was murdered on the Ides of March. What date was this? March 15th
'Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...' was the advertising line for which film? Jaws II
Kenneth I ruled which people in the 9th century? The Picts
kHz is an abbreviation for what? Kilohertz
'Kiss Me Kate' is a musical version of which play by Shakespeare? The Taming of the Shrew
Kitty Fisher was 18th-century London's most highly paid what? Prostitute
Krypton, neon, radon, xenon and helium are known as what kind of gases? Noble gases
Lack of iron in the diet may cause which disease? Anaemia
'Lay your head upon my pillow' appears in which Perry Como song? For The Good Times
Leap-Frog, The Gallant Hussar and Ampleforth are all types of what? Morris dances
Legendary footballer Billy Wright married one of which singing sisters? The Beverley Sisters
Little Lord Fauntleroy's grandfather was the Earl of what? Dorincourt
London's Denmark Street acquired which nickname?  Tin Pan Alley
Louise Brown will always hold which famous first? First test tube baby
Lully was composer at the court of which king? Louis XIV
Marble is formed by the metamorphosis of which rock? Limestone
Marlon Brando refused to accept his Oscar for 'The Godfather' because of the oppression of which people? American Indians in the United States
Marrakesh is in which country? Morocco
Martina Navratilova won most doubles trophies with which partner? Pam Shriver
'Mastermind' participants are never known as contestants. What are they known as? Contenders
'Match of the Day' has been used as a TV title for soccer and which other sport? Tennis
Mike Hawthorne was the first Briton to win the World Champion in which sport? Motor racing
Monte Marmolada is the highest peak of which mountain range? Dolomites
Mount Ararat is the traditional resting place of which ship or boat? Noah's Ark
Mount Parnassus is in which country? Greece
Mount Toubkal is the highest peak of which mountain range? Atlas Mountains
Moving anti-clockwise on a dartboard what is the number next to 4? Eighteen
Musky Muskrat was the sidekick of which cartoon lawman? Deputy Dawg
Myosotis is more commonly known as which flower? Forget-me-not
N is the symbol of which chemical element ? Nitrogen
N is the symbol of which chemical element ? Nitrogen
Name Mary Quant's shop which revolutionised fashion in the 1960s? Bazaar
Name the art of making decorative lacework with knotted threads? Macrame
Name the consortium that runs the National Lottery? Camelot
Name the first railway hotels opened in London in September 1839? Victoria and Euston
Name the geological fault that runs the length of California? San Andreas fault
Name the horse that pulled Steptoe and Son's rag-and-bone cart? Hercules
Name the New York baseball player who married Marilyn Monroe? Joe DiMaggio
Name the three Musketeers? Athos, Porthos and Aremis
Name the TV host who was expelled from Orpington secondary modern school? Jeremy Beadle
NaOH is the chemical formula for what? Caustic soda
Nat Lofthouse was famous in which sport? Football
Nickelodeon was a name given to a juke box. What was it originally? US cinema 
Nossa Senhora da Aparecida is the patron saint of which country? Brazil
Nowadays, which is the largest British bird? Mute swan
Nowadays, who might wear a wimple? A nun
NUPE was the National Union of what? Public Employees
Obstetrics is the study of what? Childbirth
Of the Seven Wonders of the World, where was the Colossus? Rhodes
Of what ancient empire was Persepolis the ceremonial centre? The Persian Empire
Of what is a lux a unit? Illumination
Of what is semantics the study? The meaning of words
Of what is the bluebird a symbol? Happiness
Of which ancient empire was Nebuchadnezzar king? Babylonia
Of which Australian state is Melbourne the capital? Victoria
Of which ballet is Prince Siegfried hero? Swan Lake
Of which country did Leonid Kravchuk become President in 1991? Ukraine
Of which country is Ajax a famous football team? Netherlands
Of which country is Asunci—n the capital city? Paraguay
Of which country is Baffin Island a part? Canada
Of which country is Caracas the capital? Venezuela
Of which country is Freetown the capital? Sierra Leone
Of which country is Jutland a part? Denmark
Of which country is the Easter lily a native? Japan
Of which country is Tripoli the capital? Libya
Of which country was Aldo Moro prime minister? Italy
Of which country was Archbishop Makarios prime minister? Cyprus
Of which country was Field-Marshall Smuts prime minister? South Africa
Of which country was Golda Meir prime minister? Israel
Of which country was John George Diefenbaker prime minister? Canada
Of which element is tritium an isotope? Hydrogen
Of which European country are Madeira and the Azores a part? Portugal
Of which flower is ox-eye a type? Daisy
Of which island republic is Antananarivo the capital? Madagascar
Of which opera is Floria Tosca the heroine? Tosca
Of which party were Bill Rodgers and Roy Jenkins founder members? The Social Democratic party
Of which union was Ray Buckton once a leader? ASLEF
Of which US state is Boston the capital? Massachusetts
Of which US state is Little Rock the capital? Arkansas
Often known as mad cow disease, what do the initials BSE stand for? Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
On a dart board, which number is bottom centre? 3
On a London Underground map, what colour is the Piccadilly line? Dark blue
On a map, what are lines called that join places of equal height above sea level? Contour lines
On a map, which places are joined by a contour? Places of the same height
On a ship or  boat what is a painter? A rope
On a ship what are the scuppers? Holes to allow water to run off the deck
On a standard roulette wheel which numbers appear on the black? Even numbers
On an American Monopoly board, what are B & O, Reading, Short Line and Pennsylvania? Stations
On children's TV, if it's Friday and it's five o'clock what show was on ? Crackerjack
On crossing which river did Julius Caesar say, 'The die is cast'? The Rubicon
On how many stone tablets were the Ten Commandments engraved? Two
On the Chinese calendar which animal represents the year 2000? The Dragon
On the London Underground, on which line is Knightsbridge station? Piccadilly
On the radio where are you sent with eight records of your choice? Desert island
On the radio, what did ITMA stand for? It's That Man Again
On the road, what does a red circular sign with a white band across it mean? No entry
On the shores of which lake does Toronto stand? Lake Ontario
On TV how is Granny Smith better known? Supergran
On TV who or what was Fred Barker? A puppet dog
On TV, Danny Kane is co-owner of which club? The Paradise Club
On TV, is 'Brookside' a close, an avenue or a drive? Close
On TV, what are the names of Pauline Fowler's two sons? Mark, Martin
On TV, what is the first name of Alf Roberts' wife? Audrey
On TV, what is the name of Mavis Wilton's husband? Derek
On TV, what kind of creature was Flipper? Dolphin
On TV, what type of shop did Des Barnes work in? Betting shop
On TV, what's the name of Edina's daughter? Saffron
On TV, who played George Smiley in 'Smiley's People'? Alec Guinness
On TV, who played Ryder, the narrator in 'Brideshead Revisited'? Jeremy Irons
On TV, 'who was feared by the bad, loved by the good'? Robin Hood
On TV, who worked in 'The Rag Trade' and 'On The Buses'? Reg Varney
On TV, whose boss was Dr Gillespie? Dr Kildare
On what calendar date is Burns Night? 25th January
On what date is American Independence Day? 4th July
On what date was Prince Charles married to Lady Diana Spencer? July 29th, 1981
On what day in 1939 did Britain declare war on Germany? 3rd September
On what part of your body would you wear a homburg? Head
On what part of your body would you wear a muff? Hands
On what part of your body would you wear a stole? Shoulders
On what part of your body would you wear an espadrille? Feet
On what type of farm are horses bred? Stud
On what type of surface is the sport of curling played? Ice
On which circuit is motor racing's Grand Prix d'Endurance run? Le Mans
On which Common would you find the Wombles? Wimbledon
On which country did the United States declare war in 1898? Spain
On which country's stamps would you find the words Magyar Posta? Hungary's
On which course is the Derby run? Epsom
On which date does International Labour Day fall? May 1st
On which day are British elections held? Thursday
On which day does the Church celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem? Palm Sunday
On which day in 1066 was William the Conqueror crowned king of England? Christmas Day
On which day is Canada's Dominion Day or Canada Day celebrated?  July 1st
On which day of the week does the Queen distribute Maundy Money? Thursday
On which day of the week is the Budget usually presented? Tuesday
On which island are most lemurs found? Madagascar
On which island did King John set his seal to the Magna Carta? Runnymede
On which island is Wall Street? Manhattan
On which islands is the ceremony of Uphellya celebrated? Shetland Islands
On which Isle is Osborne House? Isle of Wight
On which night of the week was the show 'Wogan' first broadcast? Saturday
On which peninsula is the city of Sevastopol situated? The Crimea
On which river do Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham stand? The Medway
On which river does Moscow stand? The Moskva
On which river does Stoke stand? Trent
On which river does swan-upping take place? The Thames
On which river is the Kariba Dam? Zambezi
On which river is the rocky cliff of the Lorelei located? The River Rhine
On which show did Les Dawson say, 'The prizes are so bad, some people leave them in the foyer'? Blankety Blank
On which special day in 1964 was 'Top of the Pops' first transmitted? New Year's Day
On which Street is the New York Stock Exchange? Wall Street
On which track at Pennsylvania Station did the Chattanonnga Choo Choo leave? Track 29
On which Yorkshire moor was a battle fought on July 2nd, 1644? Marston Moor
On whose novel was the film 'Lassie Come Home' based? Eric Knight's
Ophelia appears in which Shakespeare play? Hamlet
Orthodontics involves what parts of the body? The teeth
Other than the 'Odyssey', which work is Homer famed for? The Iliad
Over how many days is an Olympic decathlon held? Two
Over what type of food did Edwina Currie resign a ministerial post? Eggs
Over which continent did the ozone hole form?  Antarctic
Over which country did the Ptolemies once rule? Egypt
Parr, smolt and grilse are all stages in the growth of what? Salmon
Parsley belongs to which family? Carrot family
Pascal, Cobol and Basic are all types of what? Computer languages
'Passport to Pimlico' was the first in the series of which British made films? Ealing comedies
Pb is the symbol of which chemical element? Lead
People who are terdekaphobic are afraid of what? Number 13
Peter and Edmund were the boys, but which girls visited Narnia? Susan and Lucy
Philip Glass wrote an opera about which scientist? Albert  Einstein
'Phiz' illustrated works by which famous writer? Charles Dickens
Picardy is in the northeast of which country? France
Pidgin English originally evolved for trade between Britain and where? China
Pit Straight, Lesmo Bend and Roggia Bend are parts of what race track? Monza
Polytetrafluoroethylene is usually known as what? Teflon
Prince George of Denmark was the husband of which English queen? Queen Anne
Professor Geoffrey Hoyt operates at which hospital? Henry Park Hospital
Provence and Brittany are both parts of which country? France
Purchase tax was abolished in 1973, but what replaced it? VAT 
Radioactivity is measured in which units? Becquerels
Red, yellow and blue are what type of colour? Primary
REM stands for rapid movement of what? Eye
Riyadh is the capital of which country? Saudi Arabia
Robert Menzies was prime minister of which country? Australia
Roberta Flack had a No 1 with a song about the First Time I Saw Your what? Face
Robin Cousins won an Olympic gold medal in which artistic sport? Ice skating
Rocks are broken down by the elements by what gradual process? Weathering
Rodney Bewes, Derek Fowlds and Roy North have all been straight men to which character? Basil Brush
Rolf Harris was once Australian Junior Champion at what? Swimming
Ronald Wycherley is better known as who? Billy Fury
RoSPA is the Royal Society for the Prevention of what? Accidents
Roy Jenkins was a founder of which political party? Social Democrat Party
RP is the standard form of English accent - what do the letters stand for? Received pronunciation
Rudolf Hess was the last prisoner in which jail? Spandau
Ruth and Bobbo Patchett appear in which Fay Weldon novel? The Life And Loves Of A She Devil
S is the symbol of which chemical element? Sulphur
Sedan, arm and high are all types of what? Chair
Segovia is associated with which musical instrument? Guitar
Sid Vicious was a member of which punk band? The Sex Pistols
Sir Christopher Wren was a professor in which scientific field? Astronomy
Sir Leslie Porter is a former chairman of which supermarket group? Tesco
Six is the lowest of what type of number? Perfect 
Smack and sampan are types of what? Boats
Snooker's Eddie Charlton comes from which country? Australia
'Somewhere My Love' was the theme tune of which film? Dr Zhivago
Soyuz was the name of a Russian spacecraft, but what does the name mean?  Union
'Spend, spend spend' was the cry of which winner of the football pools? Viv Nicholson
'Spycatcher' was the controversial memoirs of which former intelligence officer? Peter Wright
St Albans started and Bosworth finished which hostilities? War of the Roses
St Stephen's Day is better known as which day? Boxing Day
Starting at the centre, what are the five colours of an archery target? Gold, red, blue, black, white
Starting in March, in which month does the coarse fishing close season end in British rivers? June
Stephan Grappelli is famous for playing which instrument? Violin
Sunderland lies at the mouth of which river? Wear
Swiss architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret is better known as who? Le Corbusier
'Thanks For The Memory' is the theme song of which comedian? Bob Hope
The Acol system is used in which game? Bridge
The African and French marigolds are both natives of which country? Mexico
The Americans call it vaudeville, what is it called in Britain? Music hall
The Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in remembrance of what? The help the American Indians gave to the settlers
The ancient city of Troy is in which modern country? Turkey
The black swan is native to which country? Australia
The blueberry or the whortleberry is also known as what? The Bilberry
The Boat Race course is situated between Putney and where? Mortlake
The borders of Turkey make up most of the land around which sea? Marmara
The Brenner Pass links which two countries? Austria and Italy
The British Military Academy is at Sandhurst; where is the American? West Point
The Bronte sisters had a brother: what was his name? Branwell
The carnation is the national flower of which country? Spain
The characters from which sit com appeared in a sequel called 'It Sticks out Half a Mile'? Dad's Army
The Charge of the Light Brigade took place during which battle? Balaclava
'The City of Dreaming Spires' is which English city? Oxford
The classic text about which sport was written by Izaak Walton in 1653? Fishing
The Diamond Sculls takes place at which sporting event? Henley Regatta
The Digambaras and the Swetambaras are sects of which religion? Jainism
The Duke of Wellington is on the back of which British banknote? 5
The Dutch royal family acquired its name from which French town? Orange
The Earth weighs about 5882 million tons. What percentage of that is taken up by the oceans? 0,002
The existence of which civilisation was confirmed by Arthur Evans' excavations on Crete? Minoan
The fabled bird the griffin had the head of which real bird? Eagle
The failure to produce enough insulin leads to which medical condition? Diabetes
The first of what was appropriately called 'The Original'? Purpose-built lifeboats
The functioning of living organisms is the concern of which 'ologists'? Physiologists
The Gobi Desert is in which continent? Asia
The Greek for a 'circle of animals' gave its name to what? Zodiac
The Haka is a dance performed by which rugby union team? All Blacks
The Heriot-Watt university is in which city? Edinburgh
The initials plc stand for what type of public company? Limited
The initials TC stand for which cartoon character? Top Cat
The inspiration for which children's book character died in April 1996? Christopher Robin
The Kentucky Derby is a horse race in which country? USA
The kingdom of Navarre was divided between which two countries? France and Spain
The Lorelei rock is on which river? Rhine
The Lutine bell is in which London institution? Lloyds
The marbimba is an African form of which instrument? Xylophone
The mother and son of which king of England were both beheaded? James II
The names of British racehorses are limited to how many letters? 18 letters and spaces
The NUM is the National Union of what? Mineworkers
The okapi is a relative of which animal? The giraffe
The Pindus are the principal mountain range of which country? Greece
The Plains of Abraham overlook which city? Quebec
The RAF motto is 'Per Ardua Ad Astra'. What does it mean? Through difficulties to the stars
The Rio Grande separates which two countries? Mexico and USA
The River Ganges is a holy place for the followers of which religion? Hinduism
The Sam Maguire Trophy is the major competition in which sport? Gaelic football
The shipworm is not a worm. What is it? A mollusc
The 'Silver Ghost' was what type of car? Rolls Royce
The single 'Papa Don't Preach' came from which Madonna album? True Blue
The Solidarity movement began in which country? Poland
The song starting, 'Starry, starry night' is about whom? Vincent Van Gogh
The Soviet secret police are known by their initials: what are they? KGB
The Spanish Riding School is in which country? Austria
The Star of Africa is what type of gem? Diamond
The Suez Canal connects the Red Sea with which other Sea? Mediterranean
The Tates and the Campbells appeared in which soap? Soap
The tears of which creatures are said to be a sign of insincere grief? Crocodile
The term 'veteran' refers to cars made up to the end of which year? 1918
The Three Stars is the national ice-hockey team of which country? Sweden
The Tsar Kolokol is the biggest what in the world? Bell
The USA government is nicknamed which relative? Uncle Sam
The USSR annexed three Baltic states in 1940. Latvia and Lithuania were two: what was the third? Estonia
The village of Anatevka appears in which musical? Fiddler on the Roof
The word lupine relates to which animals? Wolves
There are 78 cards in which type of pack? Tarot
'There is Nothing Like A Dame' comes from which musical? South Pacific
Thomas Arnold was headmaster of which public school? Rugby
Threshers and hammerheads are types of what? Shark
Timperley Early and Cawood Castle are types of what? Rhubarb
Titan is a moon of which planet? Saturn
To £5 either way, how much did a colour TV licence cost in 1974? 12
To 20 years each way, when was Hyde Park opened to the public? 1637
To 5 per cent either way, what percentage of the adult male population in Britain smoked in 1947? 81 per cent
To a thousand either way, what is the speed of the Earth in mph in its orbit round the Sun? 66,250 mph
To an Australian what is a wool-grower? Sheep farmer
To one place of decimals, how many centimetres equal one inch? 2,5
To what did Burma change its name in 1989? Myanmar
To what does the adjective crepuscular refer? Evening
To what kind of meeting was Mahatma Gandhi going when he was assassinated? Prayer meeting
To what trade had highwayman Dick Turpin been apprenticed? Butcher
To which Anglican movement did Newman, Pusey and Keble belong? The Oxford Movement
To which city did the Wooden Horse gain entrance? Troy
To which family does the chive belong? Onion
To which family of flowers does the pimpernel belong? Primrose
To which group of birds does the capercaillie belong? The grouse family
To which king in the Bible was Jezebel married? Ahab
To which order of reptiles do turtles and tortoises belong? Chelonia
To which section of the orchestra does the tuba belong? Brass
To whom is the Dunmow Flitch awarded each year? The year's happiest newlywed couple
Tom Thumb, Tennis Ball and Winter Density are all types of what? Lettuce
Traditionally, what does a cooper make? Barrels
Trockenbeerenauslese come from which country? Germany
Troglodytes lived in what particular type of dwelling? Caves
Tsar Kolokol is the biggest what in the world? Bell
Two Japanese cities were hit by atomic bombs in World War II. Hiroshima was one: what was the other? Nagasaki
U is the symbol of which chemical element? Uranium
Under Hitler, who was  Nazi minister of propaganda? Goebbels
Under what label does Giorgio Armani design clothes? Emporio
Under what name did Dino Crocetti achieve fame? Dean Martin
Under what name did Nicholas Henty Dodd find fame as a DJ and TV personality? Simon Dee
Under what name did Samuel Clemens write? Mark Twain
Under what name did William White find fame on TV? Larry Grayson
Under what name was Erich Weiss (1874-1926) better known? Harry Houdini
Under which king was the Royal Observatory at Greenwich built? Charles II
Until the country's recent division, what was the capital of Yugoslavia? Belgrade
Until which year were mules part of the British army? 1975
'Up Where We Belong' was the theme from which film? An Officer And A Gentleman
Usually called by his last name, what was Steed's first name in the 'Avengers'? John
Variola is more commonly called what? Smallpox
Venetian blinds originated in which country? Japan
Victor Barna was five times world champion in which sport? Table tennis
Viscum album provides an excuse for stealing what? A kiss
'Vision of a Knight' was the work of which Florentine painter? Raphael
W. C. T. Dobson is credited in the 1840s with sending the first what? Christmas Card
'Walk upon England's mountains green' is the second line of which rousing song? Jerusalem
Was 1994 a leap year? No
Was Clement Attlee a Conservative or Labour politician? Labour
What  have these in common: Job, Judges and Habakkuk? Books of the Old Testament
What  kind of dances are Hamilton House and Petronella? Scottish country dancing
What according to Scott McKenzie did you wear in your hair in San Francisco? Flowers
What acid gives nettles their sting? Formic acid
What animal is shown in the painting 'The Monarch Of The Glen'? A red deer stag
What animal lives in a drey? Squirrel
What animal-linked name describes someone who always gets blamed? Scapegoat
What are also known as 'The Decalogue'? The Ten Commandments
What are beds of snooker tables traditionally made of? Slate
What are bespoke clothes? Made to measure
What are birds of a feather said to do? Flock together
What are Cheshire, Gouda and Gorgonzola? Cheeses
What are crosses between bulldogs and terriers called? Boston terriers
What are Dame Edna Everage's favourite flowers? Gladioli
What are dried plums called? Prunes
What are Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen better known as? Take That
What are Giles, Low and Trog known for? Newspaper cartoons
What are Hank Marvin, Brian Bennett and Bruce Welch better known as? Shadows
What are Hickling, Barton, and Breydon Water? Norfolk Broads
What are ink-caps, death caps and puffballs all types of? Mushrooms
What are John, Paul, George and Ringo better known as? The Beatles
What are made by wainwrights? Wagons
What are Marc Bolan and Micky Finn better known as? T. Rex
What are Marty Pellow, Graeme Clark, Tom Cunningham and Neil Mitchell better known as? Wet Wet Wet
What are Micmac, Cree and Ojibwa? American Indian Tribes
What are Paddy McCready, Elizabeth of Glamis and Dorothy Perkins? Roses
What are paper measures called equal to 500 sheets? Ream
What are pipistrelles? Small bat
What are Prince Andrew's three other first names? Albert Christian Edward
What are protective eyeglasses called? Goggles
What are Steadman triples, Plain Bob Caters and Gransire triples? Ways of ringing church bells
What are Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers better known as? Police
What are the Christian names of the two brothers who formed Bros? Matt and Luke
What are the colours of the berries of the Mountain Ash? Red
What are the four groups that make up the ape family? Chimpanzees, gorillas, gibbons and orang-utans
What are the Howard League concerned with? Prison reform
What are the initials of comic writer Wodehouse? P.G
What are the initials of English writer Priestley? J.B
What are the initials of Irish poet Yeats? W.B
What are the initials of 'Lady Chatterley' author Lawrence? D.H
What are the initials of the poet Eliot? T.S
What are the initials of thriller writer James? P.D
What are the initials of Victorian writer Mr Gilbert? W.S
What are the initials of writer Tolkien? J.R.R
What are the main two political parties in the United States? Democrat and Republican
What are the names of all of Snow White's Seven Dwarfs? Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc
What are the names of the Duchess of York's children? Eugenie and Beartrice
What are the other three Christian names of Prince Charles? Philip Arthur George
What are the pointed pieces called on a ship's anchor? Flukes
What are the Tonga Islands otherwise known as? Friendly Islands
What are the twin skyscrapers, 1,361 feet high, in New York called? World Trade Center
What are the two initials of Narnia creator Lewis? C.S
What are the two main colours on the Vatican flag? White and yellow
What are the two main flavours in a banoffee pie? Banana and toffee
What are the two main ingredients of a Bloody Mary? Vodka and tomato juice
What are the two types of camel? Dromedary and Bactrian
What are there 46 of in a normal human body cell? Chromosomes
What are Trinity and Hilary? Terms at Oxford
What are tulip, balloon and flute? Wine glasses
What are Tunbridge Wells, Windsor and Kensington & Chelsea? Royal boroughs
What are woofers and tweeters? Loudspeakers
What are workers and drones types of? Bees
What are you doing if you are genuflecting? Bending the knee
What are you doing if you are swinging the lead? Skiving
What are you interested in if you study calligraphy? Hand writing
What became Glenn Miller's signature tune? Moonlight Serenade
What bird did miners use to find out if there was gas in a pit? Canary
What boat is found on the canals of Venice? Gondola
What branch of Christianity still flourishes in Russia? Greek Orthodox
What breed of dog was Greyfriars Bobby? Skye Terrier
What breed of retriever takes its name from a North American bay? Chesapeake Bay Retriever
What breed originated in the 1850s when a greyhound was mated with an Irish wolfhound? Kangaroo hound
What British public service ceased on June 12th, 1921? Sunday postal services
What can be a bird or a North American Indian tribe? Crow
What can be a box or part of the body? Chest
What can be a group of fish or a place of education? School
What can be a sleep or how fabric lies? Nap
What can be an island, a sweater or a potato? Jersey
What can be HT, floribunda or a rambler? A rose
What can be planes or sprays of water? Jets
What can be seen from Earth only once every 76 years? Halley's Comet
What can be the name of a hat and a member of a cricket team? Bowler
What can be upside down, ginger or Dundee? Cake
What can cats do with their claws that dogs cannot do? Retract them
What can dogs do that wolves cannot? Bark
What cargo did the ship 'Cutty Sark' carry? Tea
What caused Prince Albert's death in 1861? Typhoid fever
What caused the fire in the 'Rovers' Return' in 1986? Faulty rewiring
What causes Down's syndrome? An extra chromosome
What chicken dish is named after a battle of the Napoleonic Wars? Chicken Marengo
What city is the capital of Kuwait? Kuwait City
What collective name is used for items made from precious gems? Jewellery
What colour are Aylesbury ducks? White
What colour are French post boxes? Yellow
What colour are gorse flowers? Yellow
What colour are the flowers of a periwinkle? Blue or violet
What colour are the flowers of St John's Wort? Yellow
What colour are the flowers of the hawthorn? White or red
What colour cap is worn by an English cricketer capped for his country? Blue
What colour did all lupins used to be? Blue
What colour do you get if you mix red and yellow? Orange
What colour features in the title of George Gershwin's Rhapsody? Blue
What colour gloves does a snooker referee wear? White
What colour is a peridot stone? Green
What colour is a sapphire? Blue
What colour is angelica? Green
What colour is associated with an Oxford or Cambridge sports award? Blue
What colour is ebony? Black
What colour is heliotrope? Mauve
What colour is muscovado sugar? Brown
What colour is pure molten gold? Green
What colour is saffron? Yellow
What colour is the Central Line on a London Underground map? Red
What colour is the cross of the Greek flag? White
What colour is the dye obtained from the plant woad? Blue
What colour is the gem jet? Black
What colour is the Northern Line on a London Underground map? Black
What colour is the ribbon of the Victoria Cross? Purple
What colour is the 'This Is Your Life' book Red
What colour is the wine Tokay? White
What colour is vermilion? Red
What colour is worn for funerals in Egypt? Yellow
What colour jersey is worn by the leader in the Tour de France? Yellow
What colour of ballet shoes did Hans Christian Andersen write about? Red
What colour pottery is Josiah Wedgwood noted for? Blue
What colour was Rupert Bear's face in early books and annuals? Brown
What colour was the Pimpernel in Baroness Orczy's novel? Scarlet
What colour were the shirts of Mussolini's Italian Fascists? Black
What colours are on the flag of Argentina? Blue and white
What common mineral is formed by the fossilisation of vegetation? Coal
What component of CFCs causes destruction of ozone? Chlorine
What daring raid was led by Guy Gibson? The Dam Busters
What descriptive term is applied to Force 11 on the Beaufort scale? Storm
What destroyed millions of British trees in October 1987? A hurricane
What device was originally used to explore the depths of an ocean? A bathyscaph
What did 19th-century French physician Rene Laennec develop? The stethoscope
What did Al Capone have on his face that gave him his nickname? Scar
What did Bo and Luke Duke call their car? The General Lee
What did BOAC and BEA form on their merger? British Airways
What did Charles Dawson 'discover' in the early 20th century that was proved a fake 40 years later? Piltdown Man
What did Constantinople become known as in March 1930? Istanbul
What did Del Boy have written on the side of his car? Trotter's Independent Trading Company
What did German botanist Leonhard Fuchs give his name to? Fuchsia
What did Leo Baekeland invent in 1909? Bakelite
What did Lister use to improve the hygiene of surgical operations? Carbolic acid
What did Little Polly Flinders spoil? Her nice new clothes
What did Lovejoy deal in? Antiques
What did Lucien B. Smith first patent in 1867? Barbed wire
What did Mahatma Gandhi train to become? Lawyer
What did Maureen Lipman, aka Beattie, encourage us to use in the TV advertising campaign? The telephone




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General knowledge quiz questions and answers



General knowledge quiz questions and answers


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General knowledge quiz questions and answers


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