Engineering design glossary index of terms






Engineering design glossary


abet abet.html
abrading abrading.html
abutment abutment.html
acceleration acceleration.html
acceptance level acceptance_level.html
accumulator accumulator.html
accuracy accuracy.html
acoustical acoustical.html
actuator actuator.html
acute triangle acute_triangle.html
adhesion adhesion.html
aesthetics aesthetics.html
allowable stress allowable_stress.html
alloy alloy.html
alternator alternator.html
analysis analysis.html
analog analog.html
angle angle.html
annealing annealing.html
annotated sketch annotated_sketch.html
area area.html
arch bridge arch_bridge.html
assembly assembly.html
assessment assessment.html
astm astm.html
attribute listing attribute_listing.html
austenite austenite.html
automation automation.html
axial force axial_force.html
axis axis.html
bar chart bar_chart.html
beam bridge beam_bridge.html
bearings bearings.html
belt belt.html
benchmark benchmark.html
bernoulli’s law bernoulli_s_law.html
blow molding blow_molding.html
bonding bonding.html
boyle’s law boyle_s_law.html
brainstorming brainstorming.html
brazing brazing.html
british thermal unit (btu) british_thermal_unit_btu.html
brittleness brittleness.html
broaching broaching.html
bronze age bronze_age.html
buckling buckling.html
cad cad.html
cadmium sulfide cell cadmium_sulfide_cell.html
cam cam.html
cp cp.html
cable-stayed bridge cable-stayed_bridge.html
calendaring calendaring.html
caliper caliper.html
calorie calorie.html
cam cam.html
cam cycle cam_cycle.html
carbide carbide.html
carbon carbon.html
carburizing carburizing.html
cartesian coordinate system cartesian_coordinate_system.html
case hardening case_hardening.html
case study case_study.html
casting casting.html
catapult catapult.html
cell cell.html
center of gravity center_of_gravity.html
center of mass center_of_mass.html
centi centi.html
centroid centroid.html
cementite cementite.html
center line center_line.html
ceramic ceramic.html
chain chain.html
chamfer chamfer.html
charles’ law charles__law.html
chart chart.html
chemical chemical.html
chemical energy chemical_energy.html
chronological chronological.html
circle circle.html
circumscribe circumscribe.html
class of fit class_of_fit.html
client client.html
closed loop closed_loop.html
cohesion cohesion.html
cold forming cold_forming.html
communication communication.html
component component.html
component relational sketch component_relational_sketch.html
composite composite.html
compound compound.html
compression compression.html
compressor compressor.html
computer aided drafting (cad) computer_aided_drafting_cad.html
computer numeric control (cnc) computer_numeric_control_cnc.html
concurrent concurrent.html
conditioning conditioning.html
conduction conduction.html
conflict of interest conflict_of_interest.html
contour contour.html
constraints constraints.html
construction line construction_line.html
contribution contribution.html
control limits control_limits.html
convection convection.html
conveyer conveyer.html
coplanar coplanar.html
counter bore counter_bore.html
countersink countersink.html
coupling coupling.html
crankshaft crankshaft.html
creep creep.html
critical component critical_component.html
critical temperature (points) critical_temperature_points.html
crystalline crystalline.html
current current.html
cylinder cylinder.html
data data.html
data base data_base.html
deflection deflection.html
deformation deformation.html
delphi technique delphi_technique.html
delta delta.html
density density.html
depth depth.html
design design.html
design brief design_brief.html
design constraints design_constraints.html
design process design_process.html
designer designer.html
desktop publishing desktop_publishing.html
destructive testing destructive_testing.html
detail detail.html
deviation deviation.html
diagonal diagonal.html
dial indicator dial_indicator.html
diameter diameter.html
diaphragm diaphragm.html
digital digital.html
dilemma dilemma.html
dimension line dimension_line.html
dimension dimension.html
dimensioning dimensioning.html
dimensional dimensional.html
discipline discipline.html
displacement diagram displacement_diagram.html
displacement displacement.html
documentation documentation.html
drilling drilling.html
ductility ductility.html
dwell dwell.html
dynamics dynamics.html
eccentric eccentric.html
edge edge.html
elastomers elastomers.html
electron discharge machining (edm) electron_discharge_machining_edm.html
elastic modulus (young’s modulus or the modulus of elasticity) elastic_modulus_young_s_modulus_or_the_modulus_of_elasticity.html
elastic potential energy elastic_potential_energy.html
electromagnet electromagnet.html
electromagnetic energy electromagnetic_energy.html
elastomer elastomer.html
electrical electrical.html
electrode electrode.html
electronic electronic.html
element element.html
ellipse ellipse.html
engineer engineer.html
engineer’s notebook engineer_s_notebook.html
engineering engineering.html
engineering technology engineering_technology.html
english system english_system.html
environment environment.html
equilibrium equilibrium.html
essence essence.html
ethics ethics.html
evolution evolution.html
eye contact eye_contact.html
experimentation experimentation.html
extension line extension_line.html
extrusion extrusion.html
factor of safety (fos) factor_of_safety_fos.html
failure failure.html
fall fall.html
fatigue fatigue.html
fastening fastening.html
feature feature.html
ferrite ferrite.html
ferrous ferrous.html
free fall free_fall.html
freehand freehand.html
filter filter.html
finishing finishing.html
firing angle firing_angle.html
flame hardening flame_hardening.html
fluid fluid.html
force force.html
forging forging.html
fracture fracture.html
free body diagram free_body_diagram.html
frequency distribution frequency_distribution.html
friction friction.html
fulcrum fulcrum.html
gage blocks gage_blocks.html
gear gear.html
gear trains gear_trains.html
gender bias gender_bias.html
generator generator.html
geometric constraint geometric_constraint.html
grains grains.html
grain size grain_size.html
graph graph.html
graphics graphics.html
gravitational potential energy gravitational_potential_energy.html
gravity gravity.html
grid grid.html
ground line ground_line.html
hardening hardening.html
hard drive hard_drive.html
hardness hardness.html
heat capacity heat_capacity.html
heat engine heat_engine.html
height height.html
hidden line hidden_line.html
histogram histogram.html
hopper hopper.html
horizon line horizon_line.html
horizontal horizontal.html
hot forming hot_forming.html
hydraulic fluid hydraulic_fluid.html
hypothesis hypothesis.html
hysteresis hysteresis.html
ideation sketching ideation_sketching.html
impending motion impending_motion.html
impact testing impact_testing.html
inclusion inclusion.html
induction hardening induction_hardening.html
industrial age industrial_age.html
infiltration infiltration.html
information age information_age.html
initial velocity initial_velocity.html
innovation innovation.html
injection molding injection_molding.html
inscribe inscribe.html
interactive interactive.html
interpersonal skills interpersonal_skills.html
interface interface.html
invention invention.html
interative interative.html
i/o i_o.html
iron age iron_age.html
isometric isometric.html
isometric sketch isometric_sketch.html
job function job_function.html
k-value k-value.html
key key.html
key seat key_seat.html
kilo kilo.html
kinetic energy kinetic_energy.html
knurling knurling.html
laser laser.html
lcl lcl.html
lsl lsl.html
lathe lathe.html
lever lever.html
liability liability.html
line line.html
line conventions line_conventions.html
line graph line_graph.html
line segment line_segment.html
line weight line_weight.html
linkage linkage.html
load load.html
lobe lobe.html
longitudinal axis longitudinal_axis.html
lot lot.html
lubrication lubrication.html
magnetic magnetic.html
magnetism magnetism.html
malleability malleability.html
manual manual.html
manual machining manual_machining.html
manufacture manufacture.html
manufacturing manufacturing.html
martensite martensite.html
mass mass.html
mass properties mass_properties.html
matrix matrix.html
max max.html
maximum height maximum_height.html
mean mean.html
mean time between failure (mtbf) mean_time_between_failure_mtbf.html
measurement measurement.html
mechanical mechanical.html
mechanical energy mechanical_energy.html
mechanical fastener mechanical_fastener.html
median median.html
memory memory.html
metal metal.html
metric system metric_system.html
micro micro.html
micrometer micrometer.html
microprocessor microprocessor.html
milli milli.html
milling milling.html
min min.html
mock-up mock-up.html
mode mode.html
modeling process modeling_process.html
modulus of elasticity modulus_of_elasticity.html
moment moment.html
moment of inertia moment_of_inertia.html
motor motor.html
multiview drawings multiview_drawings.html
necking necking.html
newton’s first law newton_s_first_law.html
newton’s second law newton_s_second_law.html
newton’s third law newton_s_third_law.html
nitride nitride.html
non-destructive testing non-destructive_testing.html
normal distribution normal_distribution.html
normal stress normal_stress.html
nominal group technique nominal_group_technique.html
non-traditional non-traditional.html
normalizing normalizing.html
nuclear energy nuclear_energy.html
numeric constraint numeric_constraint.html
object object.html
object line object_line.html
oblique sketch oblique_sketch.html
obtuse triangle obtuse_triangle.html
offset method offset_method.html
ohm’s law ohm_s_law.html
open loop open_loop.html
optical optical.html
optimization optimization.html
order of views order_of_views.html
organic organic.html
origin origin.html
orthographic orthographic.html
orthographic projection orthographic_projection.html
outside suppliers outside_suppliers.html
out-sourcing out-sourcing.html
oxide oxide.html
parallel parallel.html
parallelogram parallelogram.html
particle particle.html
pascal’s law pascal_s_law.html
pattern pattern.html
pearlite pearlite.html
performance performance.html
period period.html
phase phase.html
photo-resistor photo-resistor.html
phototransistor phototransistor.html
physical physical.html
pi pi.html
pictograph pictograph.html
pictorial sketch pictorial_sketch.html
picture plane picture_plane.html
pie chart pie_chart.html
pitch pitch.html
plane plane.html
plastics plastics.html
point point.html
polygon polygon.html
polymer polymer.html
porosity porosity.html
position control position_control.html
posture posture.html
potential energy potential_energy.html
potentiometer potentiometer.html
power power.html
pressure pressure.html
prism prism.html
problem identification problem_identification.html
problem solving method problem_solving_method.html
process control process_control.html
process process.html
processor processor.html
product product.html
probability probability.html
production production.html
profile profile_.html
projection line projection_line.html
projection plane projection_plane.html
proportion proportion.html
programmable logic controller (plc) programmable_logic_controller_plc.html
programming language programming_language.html
projectile motion projectile_motion.html
prototype prototype.html
public welfare public_welfare.html
pulley pulley.html
pump pump.html
quadrilateral quadrilateral.html
qualitative qualitative.html
quality assurance quality_assurance.html
quality control quality_control.html
quality quality.html
quantitative quantitative.html
quenching quenching.html
range range.html
r-value r-value.html
racial bias racial_bias.html
radiation radiation.html
radius radius.html
ram ram.html
range range.html
ratchet ratchet.html
reaction reaction.html
reasearch reasearch.html
receiver receiver.html
reciprocating reciprocating.html
rectangle rectangle.html
rectification rectification.html
redundant redundant.html
regular polygon regular_polygon.html
relay relay.html
reliability reliability.html
research research.html
resilience resilience.html
resistance resistance.html
resistor resistor.html
resume resume.html
revolution revolution.html
right triangle right_triangle.html
rise rise.html
rivet rivet.html
robotics robotics.html
role model role_model.html
rolling rolling.html
rom rom.html
rotation rotation.html
round round.html
rupture strength rupture_strength.html
sample sample.html
scale scale.html
scale scale.html
scalar quantity scalar_quantity.html
screw screw.html
seals seals.html
semiconductor semiconductor.html
separating separating.html
sequential sequential.html
serendipity serendipity.html
series series.html
shading shading.html
shafts shafts.html
shape shape.html
shear shear.html
shearing shearing.html
si si.html
sigma sigma.html
simple machine simple_machine.html
size size.html
sketch sketch.html
slope slope.html
soldering soldering.html
solenoid solenoid.html
solid solid.html
solid modeling solid_modeling.html
solution solution.html
space space.html
space age space_age.html
spatial configuration spatial_configuration.html
specification limits specification_limits.html
spinning spinning.html
spline spline.html
specific gravity specific_gravity.html
spread spread.html
spreadsheet spreadsheet.html
spring spring.html
sprocket sprocket.html
square square.html
standard deviation standard_deviation.html
standard standard.html
statics statics.html
station point station_point.html
statistics statistics.html
statistical process control statistical_process_control.html
stereotyping stereotyping.html
stone age stone_age.html
strain strain.html
stress stress.html
stress-strain curve stress-strain_curve.html
stud stud.html
surface surface.html
surface area surface_area.html
suspension bridge suspension_bridge.html
switch switch.html
synchronous synchronous.html
synetics synetics.html
synthesis synthesis.html
synthetic synthetic.html
systematic systematic.html
table table.html
tank tank.html
tap tap.html
taper taper.html
tapping tapping.html
target consumer target_consumer.html
technical working drawing technical_working_drawing.html
technical writing technical_writing.html
temple stick temple_stick.html
temperature temperature.html
tempering tempering.html
tension tension.html
tensile tensile.html
thermal thermal.html
thermal energy thermal_energy.html
thermodynamics thermodynamics.html
thermoplastic thermoplastic.html
thermoset thermoset.html
theory theory.html
thread thread.html
threading threading.html
three-dimensional three-dimensional.html
thumbnail thumbnail.html
time line chart time_line_chart.html
timetable timetable.html
tolerance tolerance.html
tone tone.html
torque torque.html
torsion torsion.html
toughness toughness.html
traditional traditional.html
transducer transducer.html
transformation transformation.html
transverse axis transverse_axis.html
triangle triangle.html
triple beam balance triple_beam_balance.html
turning turning.html
two-dimensional two-dimensional.html
u-value u-value.html
ucl ucl.html
usl usl.html
ultimate strength ultimate_strength.html
valve valve.html
vanishing point vanishing_point.html
variation variation.html
vernier caliper vernier_caliper.html
vernier scale vernier_scale.html
vertex vertex.html
vector quantity vector_quantity.html
velocity velocity.html
vertical axis vertical_axis.html
vertical vertical.html
viscosity viscosity.html
views views.html
visual aids visual_aids.html
visualize visualize.html
vita vita.html
voltage voltage.html
volume volume.html
water jet water_jet.html
watt’s law watt_s_law.html
wedge wedge.html
welding welding.html
weight weight.html
wheel and axle wheel_and_axle.html
whistle blowing whistle_blowing.html
width width.html
work work.html
working circle working_circle.html
working drawings working_drawings.html
working relationship working_relationship.html




Engineering design glossary index of terms


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Engineering design glossary index of terms


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