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1.) What is the name of the Ultimate Behemoth's satellite?
2.) Who is Homer Simpson's brother?
3.) What alias "last name" does Apu go under when he joins the Be-Sharpes?
4.) Who was kicked out of the Be-Sharpes and replaced by Barney?
5.) Who is Marge's art teacher?
6.) Fill in the blanks: SMILIN' _______ ______.
7.) Who is Dr. Vladimir Krabokov?
8.) Who is Radioactive Man's sidekick?
9.) AKA Rainer Wolfcastle.
10.) What is Bart's big brother's name?
11.) Who conned Springfield into buying a monorail?
12.) Who replaced Sideshow Bob?
13.) Who is Gabbo's puppeteer?
14.) Who is the music teacher at Springfield Elementary?
15.) What was the happiest day of Ralph's life?
16.) "Thanks for the fab picture Marge, I hung it on me wall." Who said it?
17.) Who was Marge's bowling teacher?
18.) "It's the soul mass transit system." Who said it?
19.) What insect stars on Channel Ocho?
20.) Who is Ned Flanders' wife?
21.) What is the name of Flanders' store?
22.) Sole proprietor of "I can't believe its a law firm".
23.) Who was the substitute teacher Lisa fell in love with?
24.) "Channel 5 ACTION news with your host ______ ______".
25.) Springfield's shrink.
26.) The founder of Springfield was?
27.) Who was Homer's secretary when he was promoted?
28.) What health centre did Marge vacation to?
29.) Bart's baby-sitter and first love. (Sarah Gilbert).
30.) Burns' beloved bear.
31.) Who co-owns a horse (with Krusty the Clown) named Kruddler?
32.) When Bart spray painted a picture of Skinner, what was his principal saying?
33.) Where did the Simpsons find Santa's Little Helper?
34.) Ralph's incompetent dad.
35.) The female version of Homer.
36.) Who was Milhouse's first girlfriend?
37.) What vacation did the Simpsons go on just before Marge went to Rancho Relaxo?
38.) She was the country singing sensation that Homer managed.
39.) Which Springfield resident was chosen to become an astronaut?
40.) He is the Plow King.
41.) Who was Lisa's jazz-playing mentor?
42.) What was Ned Flanders' job before he opened the Leftorium?
43.) What is Grandma Bouvier's first name?
44.) Who is the head of Itchy and Scratchy?
45.) Selma and Patty's favourite star.
46.) What restaurant chain attempts to steal and then buy Flaming Moes from Moe?
47.) Who played Happy Birthday for Mr. Burns?
48.) Who was the principal when Homer and Marge were in High School?
49.) Who is Krusty's secretary?
50.) Where does Barney become trapped in his Plow King truck?
51.) What were Bart's first words?
52.) Who are Itchy and Scratchy's European counterparts?
53.) What instrument does Lisa play in the whacking day episode? (not the saxophone).
54.) What is the Cat Burglar's real name?
55.) What is Martin's IQ?
56.) Who did Krusty steal the crank-call bit from?
57.) What "letter" is the Cat Burglar's "treasure" buried under?
58.) What is the bunny called in Friar Wiggum's Fantastical Beastarium?
59.) Who runs the country according to Smithers germs?
60.) In Halloween Special V, who is the unquestioned ruler and master of the world?
61.) Who is the one remaining (sane) ringer on the baseball team?
62.) What excuse does Homer use (on his insurance form) for buying Dimoxinil?
63.) What is the placebo cure for the Japanese flu?
64.) Where does Bart get the name "Woodrow" from?
65.) Who ran over Snowball I?
66.) What does Homer's note to himself say in Halloween Special IV?
67.) What does Bart write on his butt in "Bart VS. Australia"?
68.) Who does Springfield believe is trapped down a well?
69.) Who narrates "The Raven" in Halloween Special I?
70.) What is Lisa's future occupation according to the CANT test?
71.) What instrument does Homer replace Lisa's saxophone with after it is stolen?
72.) Who is in the car with the Japanese restaurant owner?
73.) Who narrated "The Good Book" on tape?
74.) What song does Mr. Burns make a parody of as he is showing off his animal skin clothes (Two dozen and One Greyhounds)?
75.) What singer does Mr. Burns force to perform for Marge?
76.) Where does Otto immediately move to upon losing his job?
77.) Why must Santa's Little Helper get an operation?
78.) What award does Homer receive in "Bother Can You Spare Two Dimes?"
79.) What is the code name of Adil, the foreign exchange student from Albania?
80.) What do Patty + Selma say you can't spell without I.O.U.?
81.) What is Burns' oldest dog's name?
82.) What holds up the volunteer fire department as they are trying to rescue Homer?
83.) Who does Bart have to sit beside on the filed trip to SNPP?
84.) What is Apu's last name?
85.) What is Barney's short film called (A Star is Burns)?
86.) How much did the Simpsons pay to get illegally hooked up to cable?
87.) What is Mr. Burns and Bart's blood type?
88.) What game can't Lisa play because she is too sad?
89.) How do the German owners of SNPP describe their country to Homer? (Burns Verkaft Das Kraftverk)
90.) He is the godfather of the Springfield mafia.
91.) What is the name of Lisa's pony?
92.) What year was Mr. Burns introduced to atom smashing?
93.) What book does Dr. Wolfe, the dentist, show Ralph?
94.) What song does Hugh Hefner play on Krusty's comeback special?
95.) According to Lenny and Homer, what is the bear driving around in the little car called?
96.) According to Mindy Simmons, what is Capitol City's nickname?
97.) What movie did Dr. Hibbert want to see during the Film Festival?
98.) How long does Aunt Selma have to live before she blows up?
99.) Who's on the other line when you call 1-600-DOCTORB?
100.) How did Dr. Nick get his operating gloves?


1.) VanStar I
2.) Herb Powell
3.)De BeauMarche
4.) Police Chief Clancy Wiggum
5.) Mr. Lombardo (John Lovitz)
6.) SMILIN' Joe Fission
7.) The Evil Dr. Crab of "Radioactive Man"
8.) Fallout Boy
9.) McBain
11.) Lyle Lanley
12.) Sideshow Mel
13.) Arthur Crandell
14.) Mr. Dewey Largo
15.) When the Doctor said he didn't have worms anymore
16.) Ringo Star
17.) Jaques
18.) Don Cornelius
19.) Bumblebee Man
20.) Maude Flanders
21.) The Leftorium
22.) Lionel Hutz
23.) Mr. Bergstrom (Dustin Hoffman)
24.) Kent Brockman
25.) Dr. Marvin Monroe
26.) Jebidiah Springfield
27.) Karl
28.) Rancho Relaxo
29.) Laura Powers
30.) Bobo
31.) Bette Midler
32.) "I am a Weiner"
33.) Springfield Downs Dog Track
34.) Police Chief Clancy Wiggum
35.) Mindy Simmons
36.) Samantha Stanky
37.) Mystic Caverns
38.) Lurleen Lumpkin
39.) Barney Gumbel, then Homer J. Simpson
40.) Barney Gumbel
41.) Bleedin' Gums Murphy
42.) Pharmacist
43.) Jacqueline
44.) Roger Meyers
45.) MacGyver, or Richard Dean Anderson
46.) Tipsy McStagger's
47.) The Ramones
48.) Dondelinger
49.) Lois Pennycandy
50.) Widow's Peak, which is on Mt. Springfield
51.) Ay Carumba
52.) Worker & Parasite
53.) Bass Guitar
54.) Malloy
55.) 216
56.) Steve Allen
57.) "T"
58.) Esquilax
59.) Free Masons
60.) Ned Flanders
61.) Daryl Strawberry
62.) "To keep brain from freezing"
63.) Killer Bees
64.) Woodrow Wilson, U.S. President
65.) Clovis Quimby
66.) "Dear Homer, IOU one emergency donut"
67.) Don't Tread On Me
68.) Timmy O'Toole
69.) James Earl Jones
70.) Homemaker
71.) Jug
72.) Mrs. Krabappel
73.) Larry King
74.) "Be Our Guest" from Beauty & The Beast
75.) Tom Jones
76.) A Trash-Co. Waste Disposal Unit
77.) He has a twisted stomach
78.) The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence
79.) Sparrow
80.) Obsequious
81.) Crippler
82.) Ducks crossing the street
83.) Wendel
84.) Nahasapeemapetilon
85.) Puke-A-Hantas
86.) $50
87.) Double O Negative
88.) Dodgeball
89.) The land of chocolate
90.) Don Vittorio
91.) Princess
92.) 1909
93.) The Big Book Of British Smiles
94.) Peter and the Wolf
95.) Ballet
96.) "The Windy Apple"
97.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show
98.) One hour
99.) Dr. Nick Riviera
100.) They came free with his toilet brush


List compiled by Covert - 10:19 AM 11/24/1999
*This is the episode where Bart joins the mafia and makes Manhattens.
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